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New Treadmill Stress Test Spits Out Your Risk Of Dying. Hooray. If there were any means to get my ass back to the gym and motivated it is reading things like THIS and pushing through back pain and tearing up my stupid excuses. BLAH BLAH BLAH BETH, I DON'T CARE THAT YOU CAN'T DRIVE YOU WILL WALK TO THE GYM AND DO IT ... The FIT Treadmill Score is calculated using the patient’s age, gender, fitness level measured by METs, and peak heart rate reached during exercise. Researchers found these four factors to be the greatest predictors of mortality risk.... Read more

Gastrointestinal colonization with methanogens increases difficulty of losing weight after bariatric surgery. This is totally my gut. I feel like we knew this - have you lived with a gastric bypass or duodenal switch patient for a period of time? I'm just saying, those of us with altered bariatric intestines LIVE with "MARSH ASS." Welcome to the world of pre-biotics, probiotics, fart-smell-better products and I kid you not, LINED UNDERWEAR. Hey, I never said I was a professional. Read the studies. What is a methanogen? Wisegeek says -- "Methanogens are a type of microorganism that produces methane as a byproduct... Read more

Many women opt for bariatric surgery in order to increase chances of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A recent study suggests that weight loss surgery can help a woman do just that, but there are risks. Personally, my full term post bariatric surgery pregnancy was different than my pre-WLS pregnancies. I was at a more normal bodyweight at the time of my daughter's gestation, and I did not seem to suffer the ill effects of obesity on pregnancy like I had with my prior children. I had no high blood pressure, no high blood sugar, nor did I land on bedrest... Read more

Honey Boo Boo Weight Intervention

Sometimes there are no words, yet there are so. many. words. It's hard to choose them. Why is this a story? Why is it relevant? Regardless of your feelings of Mama June's "parenting" for what it is -- or isn't -- (or why it is vastly different than yours or what you grew up with) this child is quite typical of an American Child. Maybe she's an American Child times twenty plus some considering her life has been under a media microscope since she was very small, and she has been brought up to act for the cameras. What we... Read more

Nutritional Deficiencies and seizure activity

I've often wondered about this as a post WLS epileptic. Is there more I could DO to control my symptoms? I know there are quite a few of you out there - with or without deficiencies occurring along with your seizure disorders after WLS. From - Can changing what I eat improve control of my seizures? Foods can alter brain function, but reliable information on specific recommendations is scarce. We do know that very low levels of sugar in the blood can cause seizures in some people, especially people with diabetes who take too much insulin. If you have... Read more

PCRM - Adopting a vegetarian diet causes weight loss, even in the absence of exercise or calorie counting, according to a new meta-analysis published as an online advance in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015. The mega-review analyzed 15 studies, conducted with 755 participants in Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. The studies varied in length, from as short as four weeks to as long as two years, with an average weight loss of 10 pounds over a 44-week period. “The take-home message is that a plant-based diet can... Read more

Lose weight without worrying about food? Imagine this?! Via Popular Science "Safe and effective weight loss doesn't yet come in a pill, but maybe one day it will. A new study has found a chemical that keeps mice from gaining weight through overeating. The drug also seemed to protect lab mice from some of the harmful effects of obesity: When researchers measured the mice's blood, they found reduced levels of insulin, cholesterol, and other molecules, compared to obese mice who didn't get the drug." 'Imaginary meal' tricks the body into losing weight - Salk Institute - News Release. “This pill... Read more


Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story Discovery - Premieres Friday 2nd January, 9.00pm Outspoken TV personality, Katie Hopkins has hit the headlines for her controversial views on obesity; insisting that fat people are lazy, saying that she would not employ someone who is overweight, and claiming that losing weight is easy. Earlier this year Katie hit the headlines again revealing her new three stone heavier figure. Sick of hearing people's excuses for being overweight and justifying Britain's obesity crisis, Katie had decided to prove her argument by piling on the pounds to experience being weight, before attempting to lose it... Read more