I'd like you to meet my back fat.
So happy I could splode!

Just The Cheese.

I probably did this review before, in fact I know I did - but it was so long ago, perhaps before this reincarnation of the blog.

I picked up a bag of Just The Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese Snacks today, something I haven't had in quite a while, since, well, you don't see this stuff in the regular mainstream grocery stores.

I remembered the cheese rounds as being SUPER SALTY and dry, and that's probably why I hadn't bought any more.

This time, I found a bag that was labeled - "lower salt."  I was intrigued - seeing as I thought they were sorta like licking a salt-lick before.  I tore into the bag, and I'm pleasantly surprised.  These little cheese rounds are dry, crunchy, salty bits of baked cheese - and that's exactly what they taste like.  If you dig that burnt piece of cheese on the pan when you make a grilled cheese - this is for you. 

It's a very low carbohydrate food - because, it's cheese.  The ingredients?  Semi-soft cheese.  It's been baked to a crisp.  It's not something you can over-do, or really over-indulge in, because of it's saltiness and intense flavor.

I've been poking around online at other people's opinions of the product, and overall - it's bad reviews.  Folks don't like dry crunchy cheese.  I do - considering my nutritional needs and dietary issues - dry crunchy cheese is SO on my plan.  I live on cheese, much of the time and so do many of my peers.  Just The Cheese fits in a WLS'ers diet, because it has no carbohydrates and is unlikely to cause distress from dumping or in a growing number of us - unlikely to help cause reactive hypoglycemic issues.

The cheeses vary in caloric content by package/variety and there are flavors, like, white cheddar and pizza - but the pack I have here is 75 calories per serving and 6.5 grams of fat.  I can easily eat two servings in a sitting - so it's 150 calories and 13 grams of fat.  Just The Cheese has lots of protein, 5 grams per serving and calcium too, 16% DV per serving.  I sometimes "dump" on fat - but cheese apparently does not cause a reaction.

I made my husband try a piece, he's super-picky and very reluctant to try anything new.  He said, "it's cheese, so?"  That's your review right there, eh?

A 2.0 ounce bag cost me $3.49 at a health food store, but online it would have cost me $2.00-$2.50 per bag.  Just The Cheese = Pouch-worthy.  I'd totally buy it again, but online in a pack of twelve, to save money.  You can click on the bag of cheese to check it out yourself.  This is an unpaid review, just something I bought for myself.

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