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I really liked this entry at PostSecret this morning.  That's all.

But, what you're waiting for, is a reply to this:

"Do you think if you had stayed away from carbs better during these last few years you might have avoided these health issues now? In the year I have been reading you, your carb intake has always seemed higher and protein intake lower than it should have been for someone post wls"

From this post I wrote the other day.  (You must read that post first to understand.)

I'll be back with a reply very soon, if I didn't have a Certain Toddler typing ASDFJKL; over here on me.  BRB.

I'm back.  I even walked away from this, hoping to search online for information on this topic.  I searched on:

  • nesidioblastosis after gastric bypass caused by eating carbohydrates?
  • reactive hypoglycemia blamed on carbohydrates?
  • how to provoke reactive hypoglycemia after roux en y
  • what causes nesidioblastosis?

I can't find anything except everything I have already seen before.  I'm currently diagnosed as a reactive hypoglycemic, and The Cause IS my Roux En Y Gastric Bypass.  I do not know if I have nesidioblastosis, because that is tested by doing an arterial calcium stimulation test to the pancreas, which is probably in my future if my episodes of hypoglycemia do not improve with medication and diet, or get worse.

Seriously, though, do you really, truly, think that eating carbohydrates CAUSED this? 

It's a fair question, I guess, but, really?  If that were the case - everyone around me should be dead.  If my consumption of carbohydrates caused me to be a reactive hypoglycemic, very anemic, vitamin deficient and have seizures - - - my immediate family of three post op RNY'ers would, by the same reasoning - seriously - be (forbid the thought, just making a point!) dead. 

My diet, compared to the three of them?  You. don't. want. to. know.  I don't blog about it.  I sometimes poke fun at my husband, also post-op RNY, about his serious cookie habits Eating Choices, because I have to fight that Every Day Of My Life, but he's sorta healthy.  His daily consumption of super-carby laden food has not killed him.  The other two?  They're subsiding on A LOT of sugar-free sweets and stacks upon stacks of crackers, eating anything they want to, except regular white sugar containing sweets (ie regular candy, cookies or cake) because they are both TERRIFIED of dumping on sugar.

A typical "non-dieting" eating to maintain a level of consciousness day for me:

    -Protein Bar
    -Greens, meat or cheese, fat free/cal free dressing
    -Protein Bar
    -Flaxseed/whole grain low carb bread or wrap/cheese
    -Naughty food, ie. handful whole grain tortilla chips/salsa/or cheese
    -Protein Bar

Sure, there's lots of carbs, but they're usually complex if they're coming from actual food and not supplementary protein bars.  I pay harshly for inappropriate choices, like, a cookie, or pretzels, and I dump on them - - - and ALSO get a reactive hypoglycemia event, so that's a good way to learn, yes?

NOW - the thing is - this hypoglycemia OCCURS MANY TIMES WITHOUT any carbohydrate trigger. 

My biggest crashes were after a plain, low glycemic protein shake and cottage cheese.  I went to the ER after COTTAGE CHEESE. 

I thought I had a STROKE after COTTAGE CHEESE, four ounces of fiber-laced cottage cheese.


IS that something I caused?  Did I EVER have things like this happen to me when I lived on chicken nuggets and Diet Coke?  HELLS NAW!

I don't think so.

PS.  I've dropped 35 mg. of blood glucose while typing this in 27 minutes.

I was at 107 mg - and now I'm 70 mg.  I'm sure you caught when it happened, too.  Read back.

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