If you give a Beth a muffin?
It looks sort of vile in a cup.

22 calorie snack with 4 carbs?

I am a hardcore good carb fanatic.  I love foods that are actually good for me!  Rice, whole grains, etc.  I would be lying if I said I didn't also really enjoy foods that are no good for someone like me, a post gastric bypass reactive hypoglycemic:  like, crackers, refined foods, oats, and apparently Fiber One Snack Bars (I didn't look at carb count yesterday, and hit a 50 mg blood sugar one hour later, on a FIBER snack.)

I cannot deal with NO CARBS.  I may have to at some point, but right now, it's so hard.  I live with five other people that can have carbs, and cutting out entirely everything and making them live on bacon and chicken breast is so not happening.  I am not making excuses, I am just making choices.  Something I found a while back, Kamut Cakes.

Beth, what in the heck is Kamut?   


"Kamut brand grain is an ancient relative of modern durum wheat and originated in the Fertile Crescent of the Old World thousands of years ago. After a long period of oblivion, this grain was rediscovered and has now found an important place in contemporary diets. Superior in both taste and nutrition, it can be substituted for common wheat with great success. Kamut brand wheat has a rich, buttery flavor, with normally 20-40% more protein, a higher profile of amino acids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, and is easily digestible. A hard amber spring variety with a huge humpbacked kernel, it grows best in most regions where durum is traditionally cultivated. This grain is unscathed by modern plant breeding programs which have sacrificed flavor and nutrition for higher yields dependent upon large amounts of synthetic agricultural inputs.
Because of the inherent sweetness of kamut grain, as "the sweet wheat") no sugar is required to hide the subtle bitterness associated with most wheats and whole wheat products. Kamut has great texture and nutritional qualities.

The complete nutritional analysis of kamut brand grain substantiates that it is higher in energy than other wheats. Compared to common wheat, it is higher in eight of nine minerals, such as magnesium and zinc. It has been found to contain much more of the natural antioxidant selenium and is 30% higher in the similarly important vitamin E. The grain also contains up to 65% more amino acids and boasts more lipids and fatty acids. The most striking superiority of kamut brand wheat is found in its protein level, up to 40% higher than the national average for wheat. Because of its higher percentage of lipids, which produce more energy in the body than carbohydrates, kamut brand wheat can be described as a "high energy grain."

I haven't tried straight Kamut Bulgur, but I have eaten two packs of these:


They resemble and taste much like a plain salted rice cake, but with less calories (I know, right?) and less carbohydrates than rice.

They are super for someone with a gastric bypass, they hit all the requirements, low calorie, no fat, low carbohydrate.   I love them, and even more because they are so healthy.  I'm trying to find you a link to buy these little cakes of goodness, but I got them at my local health food store, and haven't seen them anywhere else mainstream grocery yet.

Kamut Cakes.

If you find them, they come in plain, lightly salted and agave sweetened.

  • Product:  Kamut Lightly Salted Puffed Cakes
  • Purchased:  At my local health food store
  • Price:  $2.69
  • Pros:  22 calories.  Dude.  You could eat five!
  • Cons:  None, really, unless you're not a fan of puffed anything cakes.  Some people hate this stuff.
  • Rating:  4 out of 5.  Pouchworthy.


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