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Accountable surmountable.

I am sorry it doesn't suck.

I realize anyone who reads these "reviews" prefers it when I do not like a product.  It is a heck of a lot easier to complain about something that sucks, than it is to rave about something that is a winner. 

Forgive me in advance, I found something I really like.

Labrada Lean Body Chocolate Ice Cream Hi-Protein Milk Shake.

I am trying very hard not to like it - or to find something horribly wrong with the product.  Uh.


Well, it's got:

  • 40 grams of protein in one 17 ounce ready-to-drink shake (That's a lot of shake, I'm still sipping.)
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 25% or more of all your daily vitamins
  • No lactose!
  • Sweetened with Sucralose ("Splenda")
  • 5 grams of fiber (Fiberplex)

Okay, so I open it.  This ready-to-drink variety comes in a single serve aseptic package with a twist top, no can!  Upon cracking the seal, I give the the sniff test.  The aroma, cocoa powder.  No odd artificial odors or overwhelming "milky" smell.  (I am super sensitive, if you haven't noticed.)  I poured the shake into a glass, to check the consistency.

The shake is creamy, but not thick.  Once tasted, I enjoy the texture, it's smooth and creamy, no random lumps or changes in texture all the way through the shake, even at the end.  (Some protein shakes seem to "coagulate" at the bottom and top, even with shaking.)

The taste is quite rich, it's not unlike hot chocolate, just cold.  I can't really remember what chocolate ice cream tastes like, so I can't tell you if the flavor really DOES resemble ice cream, but it's definitely chocolaty enough for my taste, and I add chocolate to everything.  (I put unsweetened cocoa in my coffee every day.)  The shake is also quite sweet, it could be a wee bit too sweet for some palates, but, it works for me.  This is one flavor I could get my husband to drink.  He is very picky, and I have only been able to get him to try ONE kind of protein powder/variety in four years.  He's a shake it up and suck it down kind of protein user, he doesn't want to linger with a drink.  I do.  I want to sit and sip my protein, especially if it is a meal replacement.

The Labrada Lean Body RTD could easily be meal replacement, with 260 calories in 17 ounces, it's big, filling and chock-full of 40 grams of protein and vitamins, with no sugar.


I am impressed with this product.  I am definitely going to get some more of the varieties to try.

  • Product:  Labrada Lean Body Hi-Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate Ice Cream Flavor
  • Price:  I paid over $4.00 for one
  • Purchased:  At GNC, Braintree, MA.
  • Pros:  40 grams of protein, Zero Sugar, Relatively low-carbohydrate, Filling, Yummo.
  • Cons:  "Expensive," (but not really if you're using as a meal-replacement) Um.
  • Rating:  4 out of 5, only because it's 'spensive.  Pouchworthy.

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