22 calorie snack with 4 carbs?
Possibly the drugs.

It looks sort of vile in a cup.

This was my snack just now:

Myoplex Lite
EAS says:  "The Myoplex Lite Ready-to-Drink is a convenient and simple way to get the nutrients you need to maintain an optimal metabolic rate and maintain lean mass."


  • 20 grams of quality proteins
  • Support for improved body composition
  • Helps maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Great tasting

The nutrition:

Myoplex Lite

Upon opening the container, it smelled like vanilla bean ice cream.  I wanted to experience this shake fully, so I poured it into a glass.  I thought I'd go for a straw, but couldn't find any. 


The taste, GOOD.  Much like any other vanilla ready-to-drink shake, but this one has a particularly good texture, it's very smooth.  I like textures, you know this.  The smell, good, the taste, quite good, the texture, GREAT.

One complaint?  The afterward mouth feel.  This stuff gives me sticky, dry lips and mouth.  This is a common occurrence with artificially sweetened protein supplement shakes, (If you've ever had a fruit flavored RTD Isopure you know this!) and I expect a certain bit of dry mouth feel, but it still makes me nuts.  I will say that if I am at home when I have a shake like this, I like to throw it in the blender with some frozen blackberries and ice and make a bigger shake out of it - and that also seems to kill the dry-mouth feel, too.  That also kind of ruins the whole point of having a ready-to-drink shake, doesn't it? 

The Myoplex Lite is good enough that I would buy it again and keep it on hand for a snack or meal replacement.  Certainly it doesn't fill me up for long, but it's a wallop of high-quality protein in a easy to drink pack, that's not a freaking Slim-Fast, you know?  I will let you know how it effected my blood sugar, because it does contain 20 grams of carbohydrates, for those concerned about reactive hypoglycemia or diabetes. 

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