Freebie: Fiber One Samples - Extended!
This was her idea.

Something is very wrong here.

It started out innocently enough.

Beth tried to do a good, old fashioned product review.

I bought a pack of Cytosport Muscle Milk Protein Pudding a while back, and it's been sitting here waiting for the old MM Touch.  But, I've been too busy downing my sorrows (shout out to Ginny) in simple carbohydrates, that I have avoided it.  Today! was the day to try it.  I'm being a good little protein-y princess, and this was the day for protein pudd'n.

It seemed innocuous enough, chocolate pudding with tons of protein, 20 grams!  160 calories for a single-serve cup.  Yum-o.

Good facts.

But, then, I opened it.

Let's tip it over.

Wow, that's some thick, pasty, sticky pudding.

It's stuck.

It sticks to the spoon.  It won't fall off!



I made baby feces with it.


I made a statue!


Then, I tasted it, and threw it away.  That was the most vile rubbery chocolate paste I have EVER put in my mouth.  I'm hoping it was a batch error or something.  Boo on Muscle Milk Protein Pudding.  However, I do love Muscle Milk Light Protein Powders and RTD Shakes. 

This pudding, I couldn't feed to the baby, even after I made it into fun protein pudding poop play-dough.DSC_0402 But, she did like a little chocolate sugar free Jello that I washed my mouth out with.

Jello Pudd'n.

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