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Permalean Protein Bars

I have a problem.  I have lots of problems, I know, but one of my biggest is that I am a protein bar junky, and I don't like many I try.  I'll try any low sugar protein bar once or three times just to make for damn well sure I don't like it, because I have such a limited variety of foods that I can eat at this stage in my life.  So when I saw "Jim's PermaLean Protein Chocoholic Chocolate" online - I had to try it - you know - just to make sure I didn't like it.  If you go click away before you read this, or you are impatient and want to know where to buy it Right Now!?  Scroll to the end of the post.

"Enjoy Gourmet Protein Crunch between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and in the evening...or as a meal replacement. Let Permalean be your vital source of protein to aid your pursuit of a lean, new you.

* Rare Blend Includes Whey Isolates, Soy Isolates
and Milk Protein!
* No Preservatives
* No Transfatty Acids! No Hydrogenated Oils!
* No Fractionated Oils! Naturally Flavored!
* No Artificial Sweeteners! All Natural Vitamin E!

Sounded good to me, as does anything chocolate, so here goes.

The nutrition?
That's a LOT of protein for a >200 calorie protein bar.  The carbohydrates are at a decent level, lower than others, and the net carbs are fantastic, so I assumed I wouldn't have a reactive hypoglycemic event with this bar. 

It does contain maltitol, which bugs some people, including me (I have to be honest)  but - if I stick with a low amount per day I seem to be fine - so I limit my maltitol consumption to my protein-supplements or snacks ONLY that means NO SUGAR FREE "CANDY" PRODUCTS IN MY LIFE WHATSOEVER EVER EVER.  The maltitol in most of the supplements is about 5-10 grams, and that seems "okay," with my gut once or twice a day.  (Beyond that - oh no, oh no no no.)

Here goes!
The PermaLean Chocoholic Chocolate Bar is cute.  She's 1.76 solid packed ounces, very dense.  The smell, quite chocolaty.  The outer chocolate coating tastes of real milk chocolate candy, surprising,  I think it actually is, it doesn't have a chemical-taste at all. 

The inside is thick - chocolate nougat?  Oh - I know!!!  THREE MUSKETEERS BAR.  All the way.  It's way denser and chewier, but the flavor is there.  Awesome.  There are a few little bits of soy crisps inside, but they're spass.  The bar left no wacky chemical aftertaste, and finished like a candy-bar, sweet and easily eaten. 
I'm a happy girl.  (Doesn't take much.) 

  • Product:  PermaLean Protein ChocoHolic Chocolate Protein Bar  (Also comes in Stark Raving Peanutz.  Review coming tomorrow.)
  • Purchased:  Available through Bariatric Advantage (Links in the sidebar) and PermaLean (Tell 'em "Melting Mama," sent you!  I like that, I got tee shirt last time!  :D)
  • Price:  It was a free sample via the good peeps at PermaLean to review for you good peeps that read this.  They are $2ish each.
  • Pros:  Real milk chocolate, no chemical tastes, 21 grams of protein, 3 net carbs, tastes like a Three Musketeers, sorta.
  • Cons:  Tastes like a Three Musketeers, Sorta. 
  • Rating:  Pouchworthy! TM MM.

The comments would like a Three Muskeeters Bar, made with no sugar, no sugar alcohols, no calories and no farts.

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