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metromint chocolatemint water

Among my favorite combinations of flavors, chocolate and mint rank, well, #1. 

I found this product, metromint chocolatemint water (which I have had before, in the plain mint varieties) at the grocery store last week, and picked up one bottle, just to try because it intrigued me so.  Let me tell you, sitting here with a Oh Yeah Protein Wafer in Chocolate Mint that happens to be frozen - and an ice cold chocolatemint unsweetened water - h e a v e n.

Beth doesn't drink water.  I have to be dying, literally, of thirst to fill my cup with straight water.  I disgust myself with my high maintenance when it comes to liquid refreshment, but I suppose it's understandable when you realize I take my drinks very seriously - since - they take me forever to finish.  I don't like flavors to linger on my palate - and I have specific tastes. 

metromint water hits that niche - it's WATER, with no creepy chemicals or sugar, just the essence of mint, and in this case, chocolate.

The chocolatemint reminded me of eating a York Peppermint Candy - of course without all of the added sugar - the taste was there, subtly, but, deliciously.  I would eagerly buy a case of this flavor - if only because it would get me to drink more water that is isn't diet carbonated soda or cappuccino. ;)

You can buy a case of it via metromint, if you wanna.

  • Product:  metromint chocolatemint water
  • Purchased:  Local grocery store.
  • Price:  $1.50ish?  I don't have a sticker or a receipt.
  • Pros:  "Like biting into a York Peppermint Patty," drinking more water, not being dehydrated, peeing freely, pairs nicely with my favorite snack, they have a blog.
  • Cons:  I've only seen it in one store, ever. 
  • Rating:  Pouchworthy.
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