Weighty Secrets.

  • A lot of people who undergo weight loss surgery are told that having the surgery would be a cure for a their fat "disease" and life. After the honeymoon period of weight loss wears off - and the reality sets in - what then? This blog will give you a peek into the real life of WLS patients and those around them.

    Life after weight loss surgery is filled with doubts, concerns and often? Secrets.

    Send your secrets, NOW.

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Melting Mama - Bariatric Bad Girl


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Thank you so much for posting this. Secrets are got most of us to where we were pre-op, and secrets are just as dangerous now. I still struggle with feeling like I'm "enough" and without food to turn to, my choices are a lot more dangerous.

MM- I find this outlet facinating and refreshing. It's great knowing other people are going through this stuff. Knowing that other people have dark thinkg they can only share comfortably anonymously. Thank you.

Amazing idea. Thank you!

I love this site but most of the links are broken, especially ones connecting to the home page. Just thought you might want to know. Best of luck.

Oh no. Thanks, I will check in to it!

Is there anyone in Australia that knows where to purchase the products on Melting Mama's site?

Feel so left out of the world

Glad for this site, yes I do binge on crackers, green olives & cream cheese. I found when I was upset I started to binge on this food. But, on a positive point I do freeze my yogurt and eat it frozen like having ice cream. I had G.B.in June 2008 and have gained 30 lbs back of original 137 lost. Trying hard, but I have had both hips & both knees replaced and couldn't exercise and even now some spine issues. I live alone and food is my friend that makes me happy when I am sad, lonely, etc. I do not want to go back to Overeaters Anonymous- which is like a crutch - I am stumped as to what to do. Guess up my protein but, I hate the Whey with Splenda, I'm on S.S. and cannot afford what the working people can afford.

"A lot of people who undergo weight loss surgery are told that having the surgery would be a cure for a their fat "disease" and life. " WAIT A DAMN MINUTE.. if ANYONE was told it would be a 'cure', their surgeon was a money grubbing quack and they failed to do their homework. Cutting, stapling, banding or otherwise engineering weight loss is NEVER a cure for the issues behind it. That being said, any secrets shared are rather moot as they are not related to the surgery that modified the body to lose weight, but to the brain in that altered body. I'm imperfect, surgery did not 'cure' my 'disease' but gave me a tool that helped inspire me to work on 'fixing' those things while getting healthier both physically and mentally. YMMV.

Thank you For this Beth . I have shared it with my support group. It's important to know we all as a community have secrets and when you see someone else who had the same one it makes you feel less alone !!! I can't tell you how much I love this !!!

I think I was looking for the self esteem my mother stole from me all my life. She was a self centered bitch (yes I said it). Narsasistic mothers have got to be one of the biggest reasons for lack of self esteem in their children. Anyway weight loss surgery was not my salvation. The fact that I never hit my goal of being 130 pounds that i felt i needed to be to make me worthy never happened. More guilt and proof that i was a failure am mother had always said outright or implied. I was 5'2" and in 2007 when I had lap band and my SW was 234. My mother was living with us a the time. My husband had had lap band 6 months 0before me and was doing great. My mother didn't know He had the surgery and said to me "Gary looks good, you better do something fast about your weight or you will lose him". Anyway I had surgery in nov of 07 & within a year and a half got to 153 (23 pounds to my goal and only 3 from my doctors). Then major problems with mother and started to put weight back on. In the next year and a half i put on 27 pounds mother die in june 2012 and i start to try again to get a grasp on myself. i am back to 166.3 and have been to 158 it keeps fluctuating. End of this story is I am still me at 60 years old a scared little girl who does not love herself and thinks she is stupid, and feels guilty about everything she does and doesn't do! I am still trying most of the time and I hope to one day be an adult. Sorry this went on and on.

I had a dream to make my firm, but I did not have got enough amount of cash to do that. Thank God my colleague advised to use the loans. Thus I received the short term loan and realized my dream.

I lost 125 pounds, gained 75 back, 5 years later I took off the 75 pounds again. I am determined I will NOT do it again. Here is my problem, my wife is 5'4" and well over 300 pds. She will not try anything, I have told her if she wants the surgery I will find a way to pay for it. She says she is happy with who she is, I cannot make her change for me, it has to be for herself. I don't think I can, I know I cannot maintain this loss if she is actively going the other way. I am ready to leave, but I cannot stand the idea of not seeing my kids every day. I have a new outlook on life, I have found the spark again, a new job, energy, I want to experience the life I never had while fat. No I am not talking about sex! I want activity, a social life, friends -- not sitting on the couch every night and weekend! There is more to life than going to work and the home to the couch for the rest of the week.

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