Weighty Secrets.

  • A lot of people who undergo weight loss surgery are told that having the surgery would be a cure for a their fat "disease" and life. After the honeymoon period of weight loss wears off - and the reality sets in - what then? This blog will give you a peek into the real life of WLS patients and those around them.

    Life after weight loss surgery is filled with doubts, concerns and often? Secrets.

    Send your secrets, NOW.

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Melting Mama - Bariatric Bad Girl

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July 24, 2007


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Whadya look like BEFORE????

This is a sucky reality for most of us I think.

How true.......

Yep, makes me want to cry...............


I'd kill to look that good.... and I don't mean the the "hot" girl either!

I hope to get a panni and end up looking as good as the reality pic

Mine looks worse the the "reality" too. Sigh. At least we are making the secret poster feel good?

Yep. I still look worse than that.

Yeah... but with clothes ON-we look FAB! And really, if we all dropped 100+lbs and are STILL not HAPPY, maybe our problem isnt our weight! I dont look at myself naked in the mirror, but with clothes on I feel GREAT! And thats the feeling I hold on to!!!!!

I know how you feel. I wear really long tops to cover my world of hurt.

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