I Heart No Chocolate.
From Flickr: Valentine Favorites, Where's Beth?

My Funny Valentine

Posing Singing


I was just serenaded! The South Shore Men Of Harmony's Barbershop Quartet came to my house and sang to me. They sang "Heart of my Heart" & another old-fashioned love song.  They brought me a single-stem rose, and took a polaroid photo and presented it to me in a card.  It was amazing.  I was actually on the phone with Bob when they arrived, so I put the phone down and let him listen in.  This would be a very cool Valentine for your Valentine next year - if you're local.  Otherwise, look up a group in your area, it's worth it. Click on the photos for more.  If I could have figured out that I should have had the mp3 player set up to record, I'd have shared that here too.

What did my Valentine get?  Sorry to say, not much, but I'll make it up by his birthday.  It's weird spending his money on him (since I'm not working yet) - so I just got him a silly pair of heart patterned boxer shorts, a CD, and card.

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