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Pink - Stupid Girl

Not the birthday cake, but close.

My old friend wrote back, she found the photos.  Oh. My. God.  I can't wait to see them.  I'll certainly crop out the innocent and post my own birthday-caked self.


I found the pictures of us looking like birthday cakes. I think my scanner is broken but let me mess with it and try and send it to you. You won't feel as bad once you see my dress. It is hideous! At least yours is pink and sparkly. Mine is BRIGHT BLUE and there's a lot of lace and crap. I either look like a birthday cake or one of those crochet dolls that old women put over the spare roll of toilet paper. You instantly get a picture of me when you hear that, right?"

As for my dress, of course it had to be pink and sparkly.  I'm thinking I probably wouldn't have even worn one if it weren't pink and sparkly.

(OMG) Birthday Cake Dress - '90s

For my senior prom, we couldn't find a dress to fit me - so I went to a dressmaker and she made me a dress.  Of course, she messed it up (not realizing that I was a fat girl with no boobs, and my mother had to redo most of it.)  What I requested was a "Juliet" style dress, with a tight bodice and empire waist, because that is all a fat girl can really get away with.  The dressmaker didn't get it - and made it big and boxy.  Here I am (with Deflating Dad of course!) heading to our senior prom.  This was shortly after he had lost more than 100 lbs. on his own with diet and exercise, and started to regain some, he's about 190 lbs here, and I'm over 200 somewhere.  Quit laughing.

Senior Prom '96 (Scan)

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