The Rice Krispies Are Telling Me Something.
A abbreviated history of Bob.

Remember that time we dressed up like birthday cakes?

Thanks to the world of Myspace - I've gotten in touch with a few of my old friends and aquaintances from forever ago.  A couple of days ago, I blindly mailed someone I found through searching by name - and although she didn't have a photo, I knew it was her.  Anyhow - she and I were in a church group together, and I think we were the two heaviest girls in it.  We had this fashion show one time, I believe it was for prom-gowns and evening wear.

She wrote:

"Do you remember the fashion show we had to do for the church. Do you remember those hideous dresses you and I had to wear? Mine was a lot worse then yours. I still have pictures of that somewhere. I looked like a birthday cake! How traumatizing. Everyone had 3 or 4 dresses to wear and there was only one that I fit in!"

I had forgotten about that.  It really was traumatizing.  We wore giant pastel pink dresses that would be only suitable for bridesmaids in some really campy movie.  I must have been about 15 years old, and probably weighing in the low-mid 200/230 pound range.  Imagine my despair had I been near my highest weight of 320 lbs!  I don't have any photo evidence, I believe my mother might have one or two.  It was definitely video-taped as well, so it might be in someone's archives out there, hidden.  Some of the girls looked like real-life brides with the dresses they wore, but us, in our dresses looking like house insulation and birthday cakes? Thanks for the memory.  I guess I can giggle about it now - and keep it as motivation. 

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