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Post Secret This Week (Warning)

:digs self out of pile of plastic grass and chocolate in various forms::

Early yesterday morning, I woke up egg-stra early (ha-ha, right?) and made like a good bunny and inadvertantly woke a few children up. My oldest decided to let the others know, "Psst, wake up, the Eastah Bunny came!" They ran down around the house, finding all the plastic eggs that came magically pre-filled, and then to their goodies. After dumping the contents of their various buckets, the little (big) one gave us a fashion show.

Bucket head.

C got a Peep'ed out bucket, and was perfectly thrilled with that, she's a collector of Peeps in various forms. 


Then, after a nice Sunday drive, we went to the in-laws house for a sick egg hunt.  There had to be a hundred eggs in the yard.

Where is it?

Easter Candy

Favorite Candy

If that wasn't enough sugar, we also celebrated the boy's birthday. He's now, like, all growed up and stuff.

New hat.

SPD Cake

Looking down

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