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Not So Much a Star, Jones.

Star Jones needs a job.  2004_11_star_jones_white

Perhaps she could become a paid spokesperson for her bariatric surgeon?

From The Boston Globe:

Star Jones Reynolds was booted from ``The View" yesterday, one day after surprising ABC and Barbara Walters by saying on the air that she wouldn't be returning to the talk show in the fall. Reynolds was quickly erased from the opening credits of the show , now down to three women from the usual five. ``It is becoming uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table," said Walters, the show's creator. ``Therefore, regrettably, Star will no longer be on this program." ABC had decided not to renew Reynolds' s contract months ago, and the show was planning to let Reynolds announce it later this week and say whatever she wanted about why she was leaving , according to Walters. Instead, Walters said she felt blindsided when Reynolds broke the news Tuesday, then was quoted in People magazine as saying she felt like she was "fried". Walters said in an interview Tuesday that research showed audience members were turned off by Reynolds' s dramatic weight loss and glitzy wedding to banker Al Reynolds in 2004.

That is what happens when you lose the fat and gain self-confidence.  It is suggested that you don't make any career or major life decisions during a period of rapid weight loss or shortly thereafter.  I'm sure Star Jones needs no help in getting a job or picking up her unemployment checks, so I'm not worried for her, I just wish she'd have been up front about her method of weight loss.  I truly believe she lost a part of her fan base by going into the amazing shrinking woman mode and not spilling the beans about it.  She's got lots of life experience to draw on for new employment, though she's got to update her personal website resume.

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