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Help Me Jeebus.

Death By Carbohydrate.

We have a wedding shower to attend tommorrow, and I've been cooking a few things to bring, including some simple cupcakes.  I had put the batter in heart-shaped foil cupcake cups, which overflowed.  I guess this is what happens when someone who doesn't cook much anymore tries to bake a batch of freaking cupcakes.  Otherwise, my Death By Carbohydrate contributions to the party came out well.  I made a double batch of Emerils' Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese (my staple mac & cheese recipe), Pasta Salad & Chex Muddy Buddies (don't ask). Tommorrow morning, the only part of the contribution that I should actually eat, I'll finish the Deviled Eggs.

The wedding shower is for my husbands' brother and fiance - who are getting married very close to my due date.  Bob's already threatened them that I might very well go into labor during the reception, breaking my water on the dance floor.  Bob's the Best Man - though he's mentioned that they may need a back-up.  I told Bob that it's alright if he's not there during the entire labor and delivery process, you know, it's been done three times before pretty uneventfully - technically without his help, right?  It's highly unlikely to happen that very day, but, it's kinda funny to think it might.  My sister in law is within a week of her due date right now, and I told her it would be funny if she went into labor tommorrow, during this wedding shower shindig.

His brother and I are exactly the same age - about one month apart - and it's funny to think they're just starting out, getting married, just bought their first place, and we've been doing this for years.  Our seventh wedding anniversary is next week - (yes, we did it backwards considering my daughter is nearly nine).

I'm seriously wasting time here - so what else?  Uh, we did get a crib, after an unsuccessful trip to Babies-R-Us.  My four year old deemed that "cribs are dumb" and got very cranky in the store, so after buying no baby items at the baby store, we ended up at IKEA and bought an assembly-required crib that was $200 cheaper.  It's not like my babies ever use cribs, like, ever, but I figure we need to at least try to use one, once in a while.


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