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Complication of Gastric Bypass - MIL Update

I Ron.

I had a check-up today with an OB at my midwives' office.  She was clearly unhappy with my last blood draw, and got me scheduled for parental iron infusion via IV, like, tommorrow.  I've been sitting, waiting, for weeks, for this.  I'm not looking forward to it, since it can cause problems, but the doctors have been telling me for months I'd need to have it done, but noone ever passes the message along to each other.  The OB today opened my file and immediately suggested it - and a few hours later another doctor is calling me to tell me to be at the hospital at 8am tommorrow, sharp.  According what I've read online, I can expect the IV infusion to last anywhere from 1-8 hours (have no clue?!) and the doctors will give a very small test dose first and wait an hour to assure that I won't go into anaphalactic shock and drop dead.  This is done at the Outpatient Center at the hospital, just in case shock occurs, and they're prepared with whatever meds they need to reverse the allergic reaction.  I assume, too, that if I were to drop dead, they'd be running my butt up to the ER/OR for an emergency baby removal to save the fetus, because she's just nearly big enough to make it at this stage.  My health care proxy cannot get out of work tommorrow, he's in a mandatory training, so I'm going alone.  The kids will be with extended family - whom are on baby-watch waiting for my sister in law to give birth tonight or early tommorrow morning, as she's being induced right now, but they really can't be at the hospital with me.  I believe all will go well, and if there is any indication of side effects with the test dose, it's a no-go.  I'll check in tommorrow night with details - since this is apparently a common thing with gastric bypass patients, the IV infusions after surgery, and during pregnancy.

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