Happy Tryptophan Day.

Holiday Eating Strategy

I'm sitting here whilst the bird cooks - and blog browsing.  Jen @ Hot Fat 4 Sale has a nifty little strategy for getting through the holiday eating today.  This is deliciously SIMPLE!

From Jen's blog:

"I’m going to put 3 oz. of turkey on my plate—what I’d normally allow myself for a protein serving at any meal. And then I’m allowing myself two bites of any food that’s on the table that I want to eat. My first bite is going to be to see if I like it, need it, want it, crave it, hate it, etc. The second bite is to savor it or say goodbye to it. I don’t need a third bite. I’ll already know what it will taste likes and the third bit won’t taste any better than the first two.

I’m also asking my mom to set my place at the table with a small plate (just like I use at home) and give me the smaller dessert fork to use. Plus, I’m taking my own dessert. When I’m done eating, I’m getting up and taking my plate and silverware into the kitchen.

Since we’re eating at 3 p.m., I’m planning on a substantial morning protein shake, my usual coffee and some beef jerky for the ride up. It’s all I will need.

This plan will give me the permission to taste whatever I want with the parameters to keep me from overeating. I’ve got my fingers crossed."

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