This is why you can't give babies espresso?
Fed up and not gonna take it anymore. Or, "Melting Family."

Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy.

It's a little weird this year, I haven't been holiday shopping at all.  "Santa" has made a few online orders that have started trickling in from UPS, and it's a surprise to me too, because I didn't pick out any of this stuff.  I think the Mrs. needs to have a little chat with the fat guy in the red.  "Santa" apparently chooses toys and gifts that require batteries or plugs.  "Santa" likes video games.  "Mrs. Claus" doesn't.  Mrs. Claus doesn't think the kids need an X-Box, because the PS2 is perfectly acceptable and they got that only last year.  The boy child also tends to take over these sort of gifts, and will claim the XBox "his own."  Mrs. Claus sees this opportunity for a fight that will repeat itself over and over again, even if the system is only used in the family TV area.  But, what does she know, she's only here to bake cookies and make Santa fat.

The boy has ideas about what he'd like for Christmas.  He made a list.  Oh Yes He Made A List.  Last night I asked him to translate a few of the entries onto new letters for each grandmother.  Both grandmas have asked for ideas for the kids, and he was perfectly happy to write them a little note about what he'd like from them, you know, just an idea.  This is what he wrote to my mom (Meem, take note, cuz here it is)  "Sims 2 Pets African SaFarI and 1,000 Feet Walkie TalckyAnd for the other Meem, here's her list:  "Battele the bad guys with miistick fers Power Rangurs, Morfunaadur, Storm Lanckur."  If you can translate this (I can), there ya go, that's it for him.  I'll leave the other four hundred suggestions to you, they are all on the List.  The girls?  They would like "surprises."  The oldest doesn't like toys, and won't tell me what she wants.  The four year old would like "everything."  The baby hasn't said much, but she could use a highchair for later on, and clothing, size 3/6 months for the winter.

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