"So, the rumors are true."
This is why you can't give babies espresso?

Your heart is full of unwashed socks.

Welcome to the season of Grinch!  I'm not in love with the holiday season - I get all a twitter about spending money.  (On that note - I saw a blip about "money = happiness" rumors being debunked, and you know I must read this, because nearly all of my current issues in life are one hundred percent traced back to money.) 

Back to the season:  My kids still believe that I let a morbidly obese man in a red suit shut off our house burgulary alarm and come in to give them gifts.  They've always wondered how it was that this big chubby guy was to get into (any) of our houses, since we've never had a chimney that led to a fireplace.  So, he must "know the code to shut of the alarm, right?"  Sure.  Not only that, but sometimes grandmas give insane amounts of presents and write "From Santa" on the tags.  "But, wait, we don't live here?"  It will be less stressful on me when they no longer have the Santa ideal in their little heads, because then they know - Mom & Dad have limits.  Santa is "magic" and can bring wishes, right?  So you can't really put a huge limit on his budget.  (At least, that's what I'll say when circling the diamond stud earrings & anniversary right hand ring out of the Zales catalog for my Santa list.)

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