From last weeks Post Secret: Happy Dance
Now this, after my boy got a lavender bubbly bath last night.

Hairy Potter.

I saw this yesterday.  (Squint a little, it's slightly disturbing to see Harry all nakie with a horsie.)Danielradcliffeequus03
He's apparently riding bareback in a play these days, called Equus.  Anyway, the reason I share Hairy Potter with you?  The next installment of the series of books about Harry Potter is in the pre-order stage.  I've never read the series, but I know some folks out there flock to this stuff like flies to poop, so here:  you can pre-order

I've got the very first book in the series here, never been opened, because, "Why would we read the book if we've already seen the movie Mama?  That's dumb."  I'm glad I'm teaching the kids well. 

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