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"It may be hard to stay nice when you are also trying to be real. Your passions are aroused and you feel strongly enough to share them with someone. But others may not want to hear what you are saying, for your perspective could very well be upsetting to them. For now, don't worry about the consequences as long as you continue to speak the truth."

Ah.  Wise truth-teller.  Let me tell you somethin'.

A mom and boob rant, etc.

My skin, after tanning three times, feels like pork rinds.  This is pleasant.  I'm going again today, and a couple more times through the week.  I'm developing "color" - but it's not really the even-ing out I'd hoped I'd get.  I thought it would call less attention to the stretch marks and skin, but for now, they're more obvious.  Maybe as the color settles and turns brown-er it will look better.

My daughter's dress came back from the tailor - and $130.00 later in adjustments, It Doesn't Fit.  This is why my mother is fixing my dress (for free!  :D), because she and I have the same problem in this dress!  (We're wearing the same exact dress, she's nearly ten, I'm twenty-eight, but... we have similar bodies right about now, because I have no chest.)  The hem was re-done, so it's not dragging on the floor, but the bodice wasn't done. 

I think that whomever does the sewing for Davids' Bridal - assuming this dress must be for a Very Short Adult, thought that the person MUST have boobs, and should leave it alone.  No.  They were wrong.  This is another pain in the ass thing about being an overweight kid. Nothing "normal" fits, and you have to buy your formal gowns "upsized" to fit in one area (the abdomen) and the rest is SO FREAKING HUUUUUUUGE that they have to cut three feet from the hem and ten inches from the bust.  When my sister in law went to pick up the dresses, the dress-fit person said "there were so many pins!  (I) did the best that I could."  Well, yeah.  I wouldn't want to be dealing with hacking a dress to fit a nine year old either - out of a womens' size!  If she wears it as-is, I suppose we could give her a Wonderbra and my silicone fake boob inserts?   (It would fit.)  And, we're going to have to staple the neck to the back of her skull to keep it up.  Ugh.  Whatever.

Gotta go.  I'll be back.  Bachelorette party tonight.  Work now.  Later.

Buttah Me Up.

I, uh, ate a waffle for breakfast.  Not just any waffle, a frozen Aunt Jemima Brand Waffle.  That's not so much on "plan."  Also, you should should know, it doesn't feel good in the pouch either, frankly, it's nauseating.  I haven't had a breakfast carbohydrate in months, it was calling my name.  To be perfectly honest, waffles and their carby friends toast, grits, etc. that I'd want at breakfast time are all just Methods To Get Butter In My System.  I don't think I even LIKE any of those items without the taste of BUTTER.  So, who needs 'em?  Blah!

Yadda yadda.

Working today -  what could be called "mom's hours."   I'm headed first to go get me some artificial sunshine for the dress-wearing next week.  It pains me to spend $15.00 a whack to stand in tube for five minutes to get a "tan."  All this, to resemble normal in a dress.  My SIL wants me to bring the baby down the aisle with me as part of the wedding, since my kids are already in it.  This means, the arms will now function and move.  Nooooo!  We were avoiding moving The Flaps.  On the plus side, folks will be looking at her, not my chicken wings.

Anyhow, my lawyer was sending me papers via email, but I think my email address may have frightened him.  I don't really use any other name, nor do I ever remember to check them, so I went ahead and gave him the one I use everyday, I emailed with it.  It didn't even occur to me that it may have been considered spam.  Oops.  Back to regular forms of communication.

Right now.

I ate cottage cheese about 45 minutes ago.  I'm having a reaction starting now.  It's not dumping.  I have tinglies and disconnect.  Don't you wish you could get high on food like me?!  I'd make a vlog for the sake of the symptom, but I was heading in to take a shower and get dressed.  Maybe later, I need something to review though, I haven't been eating anything new, because I was so sick previously.

Um.  I got on the scale yesterday, and it read 197.7 lbs.  For a very short moment, I gasped.  It was like a time warp, one moment I'm all in the 150's and then, back to nearly 200 in a breath?  Why that happened, I still don't know.  (Bob got on this morning, the same scale, and he's 178 lbs.  WTF, that's normal!)  I haven't stood on that particular scale since.  It's demonic.  I'm guessing I've "regained" some of the lost water weight from the diarrhea of days and I'm probably 158 lbs?  I'll check on the regular scale, because this digital one wants me dead.  It's possessed.

The truth comes out. I really am an old man.

I submitted three photos to this celebrity lookalike generator.  The first two times, I was Daniel Radcliffe.  I added THIS BAD photo (hahahaha!) and got the best results.  Figures!

I did it again, because I can't stand the look on my face.  I used a more normal expression:

There - it means nothing, but the angle of your photo.  So, I tried me, right now, messy, bedhead, no makeup?  Again, I'm an old man, and more.



Breastfeeding after Weight Loss Surgery.

"I was searching for information about bfing after RYGB.  I came across your blog and its entry about it, one of the few substantial discussions of the subject I have found so far.

I have skimmed some of your archives but have not had time to read
everything thoroughly.  I noticed you had a baby (wow, is she CUTE! Love
those eyes) and were bfing at first, and then later seem to be using
formula.  However, unless I missed it somewhere in the archives, you didn't
really speak about your own experience with bfing after GB.  You mentioned
that you did extended bfing with next-oldest child.  So I was curious to see
if you had any issues with milk supply or failure-to-thrive, or if there
were other reasons why you weaned.

Please don't read any judgment into this question.  I'm not criticizing; I'm
just trying to find out more about the bfing after RYGB for some online
acquaintances who have had WLS, and whether milk supply or nutritional
quality is impacted.  I would be interested to learn more about your
experience (and what you have heard from other WLS moms) if you are willing
to share it."

I'm going to take a moment to answer this, I'll be back with an answer probably tommorrow.

Mom Yo Ride.

My husband normally drives our "mom-van."  I hate mini-vans.  I hate the way it drives.  But, that's not my point.  The damn thing is was brand new when he purchased it.  He bought it last year during my pregnancy, going from his trusty Toyota to a big-enough-for-six van.  It was a bad idea.  The Toyota never once gave him a problem.  This van has now been in the "shop" four times in the last few weeks.  The heating system quit, the transmission was funky, the window motors died, the door is messed up, and this morning, the check engine light is on and the airbag lights are blinking.  He's not happy.  (I am less happy, because we all know how technical the two of us are combined, right?)  He should have just kept the Toyota.  When are we ever all in the same car, anyway?  And, if we need to be, we'd take the bigger vehicle!  (It's an I told you so moment.)  My car, is a few years older, and just starting to make little suggestions as to needing mechanical lovin'.  Ugh.  He's off to the dealership, who's just told him they'll do anything to keep him happy.  Yeah, like taking this van and shoving it.  Problem is, he went to a one brand dealership, and all other options are the same, Hyundai!  If he even thinks of trading that poop in for another Hyundai?!  I'll kill him.  (Sarcasm, really, it's not a threat, I am non-violent.)

" Size Zero? The UK Would Prefer A Size 12

A recent survey by national weight loss surgery company, Surgicare, has revealed that nearly half of the population (45%) think that size 12 is the ideal dress size for a woman.

March 27, 2007 -Surgicare recently surveyed over 2,000 men and women of all age groups over 16 and found that size 10 was the next most popular size (28%), followed by size 14 (18%). Only a mere 0.4% thought that size 4, which is a US size 0, is the ideal dress size for a woman.Lilyb_2
(An aside:  The Americanised size zero - the equivalent to a British size four in women's clothing and tantamount to a 31.5in bust, a 23in waist and 34in hips - has long been controversial but was given particular attention last August when a Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos, 22, died of heart failure after starving herself. In November, a 21-year-old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died from anorexia.)

The survey comes after the recent TV documentary with Louise Redknapp, 'The Truth About Size Zero'. Despite the fact the gulf between what men find attractive and what women think they find attractive has been well documented, Surgicare's survey shows that both men and woman chose size 12 over and above any other dress size. A massive 73% of men like their women to be size 10 or 12 (31% said size 10 and 42% said size 12).

Interestingly, younger people (those aged 16-24), who are more likely to be influenced by the media, thought that smaller sizes -- size 4 to 10 -- were more ideal. 45% of men and women in this age group believed that size 10 was the best dress size and 17% said size 8 or smaller.

The survey also showed regional variations, more people in Northern Ireland (4%) than in the rest of the UK thought that size 0 was the ideal dress size. Also, Charlotte Church will be pleased to know that people in Wales prefer a curvier size 14 as a second choice (21%). Overall, every region still picked size 12 over and above any other size.

Gold Surgicare's cosmetic surgery Chief Executive, Mark Bury, says 'We are surprised by the results because we thought there would be obvious differences in what men and women considered the ideal dress size. However, it's reassuring to find out the size 0 debate isn't changing public opinion and nearly half of the population prefer a healthy size 12.'

The survey also revealed that 14% of people initially judge someone they first meet by their weight."


After reading and scanning through a selection of articles about hypoglycemic issues, it seems like my symptoms fit more appropriately in that category. Nearly everything that happens to me can be found on the list of symptoms of severe hypoglycemia and the more severe nestidoblastosis. Now, to see if I can figure out how to get tested for these things. While it's reassuring to see that maybe there's an answer in all of this - I still have other crap that could likely cause the symptoms too, namely the anemia which can cause the same sort of issues plus - the sugar issues make more sense to me NOW. It would explain a LOT. Either way - something isn't right. Hell, it could be more than one thing - too! Screw it - maybe I've got all of them.

Aggravated, so here's a cute kid.

, originally uploaded by bethography.

He's so good lately.

See? See?

"I just stumbled across your site while looking for the same article you posted--thank you! I also wanted to add--in case I've missed anyone else's advice or more of your personal info/updates--if you haven't had an MRI done yet, please ask for one ASAP. I was just d/x'd with the same problem (post-RNY nesidioblastosis) and it was found that those minor, freaky-frequent-but ignorable episodes have actually caused some permanent brain damage because they apparently really *did* cause strokes. (I rolled my car with my 8-yr-old twin daughters in the backseat during one of these episodes.) PLEASE call your doctor or neurologist's office and see if they can see you ASAP to find out if you've had any permanent damage and can avoid any future problems. (I'm only 31 and a wee bit disturbed by the d/x, so please forgive me if I sound too alarmist. In the last three months, I've lost my ability to drive, work, and recall some simple memories-- and the doctors can't tell me what is completely permanent yet. PLEASE don't dismiss these episodes.)"


I need to know - how was it diagnosed?
What did you go to the doctor for initially?
What do I ask?

I called my PCP today - and they're of no use.  They say my blood sugar was "fine" back in February, I'm fine.  So - what do I need to ask?!  Do I need to end up in the ER?

FWIW - I ate  (turkey breast, plain, two ounces) one hour ago, and I had an episode shaky, dizzy, hands detached.  I called the doc just after.

157. And a little reflection.


I worked a very long day yesterday, missed Bob's birthday party, but like I said - it's okay, because during the party?  J finally tossed her own cookies (well, fruit salad) all over the place.  (That's 75% of children that have been sick with this particular virus now)  Last night, Bob was up with the typhoid himself.  He came into the kitchen this morning and asked me why I was laughing at him like an evil maniac at two in the morning.   "Did you know you were laughing at me?!"  I told him that it was because I had the death of the bowels for five days, one night was "nothin'."  Sorry, but, I was waiting for him to have To Run Fast!  He's gone to a meeting now - which figures that he's sick for this one, since he was sick during the last one a month or two ago.

Today - I feel "okay."  I am out of the woods I think.  (I said that last time and it came back, so...)  But, no emergencies since yesterday.  I'm weighing in at 157. 

For a moment yesterday, I thought, "Wait, I could totally get to my first goal (150) by the wedding (the dress!) at this rate with the freaking diarrhea!"  Sick thought, I tell you. 

I might still see 150 though for the wearing of the dress, that's a good thing.  150 is a good place to be.  I still do not look anywhere near normal, but - folks seem to look past flaws if you're otherwise (in quotes) "thin."   

When I lost the weight the first time after surgery and saw my lowest point (around 150) people said I was small.  150 apparently looks different on me than others.  Parts of me look quite small, sort of making you forget that parts of me resemble a California Raisin or bloated cadaver.  My lower arms look quite petite at that weight, and then no one really bothers to mention the stretch marks that nearly go as far as my short sleeves.  It's interesting how other people won't bother you about things like that if you're otherwise "normal."   

As soon as I'm over this weight range, I look "fat" and - it's like a reason to start a conversation about flaws, or to consider me less of a capable person somehow.

After having been all ranges of size in the levels of morbidly obese, obese, overweight, and now getting close to my "healthy weight" I've learned that dealing with other people (this is no big "amen" moment, girls, this is just my honest perception) easier as a petite person.  People don't take ME as a fat girl seriously.  As soon as I take on the slight angular look, I am listened to.  When I get squishy?  They look through me.  I catch people looking at me differently at this size, and I get what I ask for, also.  Add 25 - 50 - 100 - 150 pounds, and people somehow find it easier to tell me "no."  (Anyone, just generic.)

I am aware that the perceived self-confidence at this size may very well just be stronger than it is 25 lbs. etc, heavier, but... I've said this before - I Never Changed.  I've always been the same girl in a newer - saggier - skin.  Even with the same personality and level of confidence, I get VASTLY different reactions from people known and unknown to me at the different body sizes.  It's scary, even.  I can't imagine what would be possible if my body were normal with plastic surgery.  The power of boobs, girls.  What would I do with the power of the boobs?  (I'm kidding around at this point, but... think about it.)

Anyways - I was just posting a weight update, and started Deep Thoughts.  Discuss.

On a positive note! Vacation!

We're going to Disneyworld.  Like, in a year, but - we're going.  My MIL made reservations for our campsites down at Fort Wilderness.  (Yes, this means ROAD TRIP.)  Don't laugh, I love road trips, even with loud children in a car.  We take our time driving to Florida and stop for a nights' rest at a hotel.  My only concern at this point is my vehicle's readiness for that kind of long haul.  But, that's a year from now.

Women At Large - A Photo Gallery by Laurie Toby Edison.

I came across a  photographer's website + blog this morning via Google's Web Alert I have set up for the term "gastric bypass" + "weight loss surgery." 

Loving Our Bodies from the Inside Out

I wasn't sure as to what on her web page triggered the link to her site, but when I visited her pages, I found this(Not Safe For Work.  Could be misconstrued as something else.) 

When I opened the first page, I was immediately saddened. 

I really shouldn't - this is someone's art, her photography, but I couldn't help it. 

I immediately saw myself and many of my peers, there, in her photos. 

The photographer says, "I show the disappeared, I make the invisible visible."

I dug into the blog, and found the piece that Google sent. 

It's a part of notes for a speech from a "fat activist", Heather McAllister:

"I have long held the position that there is never a good enough reason for someone to get weight loss surgery. And I can’t say that I’ve changed my opinion on that. But there are people I know personally who have had largely positive experiences with the surgery, and I can’t ignore that reality. In trying to answer this very complicated and highly charged issue for myself, where I’m at right now is here: If we hold that it is never ok to get WLS, then we as a movement have failed our sisters and brothers who do choose surgery. We haven’t done a good enough job of providing another option for “supersize” people who have every imaginable pressure on them to have this invasive, expensive, dangerous, and typically unsuccessful procedure. And I am concerned that a lot of the criticism of people making a choice to have surgery is coming from people for whom WLS is not a serious concern, specifically, “average” or “mid-sized” fat people. If we continue to refuse to listen to the personal truths and stories of people who have had or are considering bariatric surgery, we are truly failing as activists and more importantly as human beings. I can and am extremely critical of WLS and at the same time I need to make myself open to hearing about the experience of people who are much fatter than I have ever been and why this feels like an option to them. And I need to do it without an attitude of condescension and judgment. I don’t have to support the decision in order to support the person. It’s tricky but it’s possible and it’s crucial. This issue is only going to get more important and we have got to stop hiding our heads in the sand and not talking about it, and creating an atmosphere of hostility around people speaking their own experience."

No Sleep Till Constipation!



Another fresh weight I didn't think would happen, but thanks to last night, I'm there.  Yeah, I am real party animal.  I ate solid food and rocked and rolled all night long (on the toilet).  So, don't think I'm all exercising and crap, cause that ain't happening.  I slept from 3:00am-6:30am last night.  (And, no, I'm not alone.  Bob woke up and he now has "it."  He says he's "fine," but I told him to let me know how he feels in three days.

Happy freaking birthday.  ::throws some confetti::  He was sick on his birthday last year,  I remember now, this is the season for it for us.  Although, you'll notice a recurring sick lately - I don't know why.  My family had always been generally less sick than others - including us.  Now, I pick up Every Bug and pass it along.  My immunity is apparently SHOT.  I wonder if my state of anemia could contribute to getting sick easily?  (Anybody know that?

And, now I have to get ready to go to work.  I called yesterday early in the afternoon to let the owner know that I was "better" and would "definitely" be in today for the full shift. ::sigh::  I Had No Idea I'd be so sick.  I'm stuck now, I have to be there today and tomorrow.  If I'm still dying by Monday - I'll see a doctor, I promise.

The woman who failed me.

The pending issues are still, pending.

At this point, I don't know the time line before further action takes place.  I am sure the company is assuming it is over because we didn't send a rebuttal to their reply to my complaint through the the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  The reply, while very impressive, did not entice me to just say, "Well, I guess that's all" and be done with it.  It only convinces me further that the company was looking to hide the information. 

While reading the documents, I got physically sick.  My disgust turned toward someone who was supposed to have been there for me, to protect me.

This woman and I had a connection when we first met.  I was in the mall, shopping, in July of 2005.  She was sitting in an empty storefront, at a table, surrounded by papers, and a sign out front that read "Now Hiring."  I noted that they were hiring for a "new store" coming to the general location of this empty leased space.

I peeked in, because I was looking for work - and with my background having been mostly retail management, I figured I could see which store it was that was coming in.  Not only that - she was looking lonely and bored, and at the time, I think was reapplying make-up.  I noted immediately that she was perfectly groomed.  The lipstick?  Immaculate.  The eyes - perfectly lined.  Nails - perfectly manicured.  The hair -  long, thick, curly but straightened, and amazing.  She obviously gave a lot of time to her primping.  She was also very-full figured woman, much like my previous size.

I allowed myself into the room and remember very clearly saying to her, that she looked lonely in this empty space.  She laughed and invited me to sit and chat.  Chat we did!  She had an infectious personality and we got along immediately. 

I started to question, in our conversation, if she would be this new store's manager.  She seemed like a great "boss" and I thought it would be really a good experience to work for someone with such enthusiasm, much like myself.  When I asked her this, and her reply was "Oh, no, I am in Human Resources!"   I knew that it was because of this - that she was so friendly and good with people.  I thought to myself, "Crap.  I'd like to work for someone motivated + bubbly like this." 

As we talked further, I eventually delved into the application process for a job.  Since I was looking, I figured it might as well be in a new store opening, right?  I got the immediate positive reaction from her.  She loved me, or at least she seemed to really like me at that meeting.  She was highly excited to discuss an opportunity for me to join their team in a position of management that was new to me, but better than I anticipated.  It would be a combination of working in an office, and on a sales floor, and that intrigued me.  Without giving me the job on the spot, which she nearly did, she called me at home an hour later and offered it to me.  I called my husband to discuss the potential of me working full time and the pay, and he was thrilled.  I'd have to go through a quick meet with the District Manager and perhaps the incoming Store Manager, but, it was my job, and I'd have to start soon.

When I started, she was there - no longer as an HR Rep, but as a trainer.  She was in place to train me, and apparently any/all of the new staff in our basic job functions.  At first, things were okay.  This job, having been Brand Spanking New to me - was intimidating.  I felt that I didn't get enough training, and when she left to go back to the corporate offices, I was l-o-s-t.   

I hoped she'd come back and just keep me moving in the right direction, because I knew I could do a great job in this position, with the right training and proper model.  But, she couldn't.  I recall a visit or two back in the first few weeks, she'd pop up to see how things were rolling. 

I remember getting a cold reaction from her when I'd ask questions.  She seemed irritated that I would have any reason to not know certain job functions.  She'd tell me to ask the store management, or another store's management, and that it was out of her hands, basically.  I hate to be a pest, especially about new things, and learning, I just wanted to Do Things by the book.  When prompted to ask the store management about detailed functions, I quickly realized that they, had less knowledge of many of the questions I had than I myself did. 

One of the three, had a working knowledge of my actual job, and I was able to ask him on occasion about things, or at least, where I could find an answer.  This person later explained that he'd had the same position before being promoted, so he knew the "deal." 

Another manager, meant well, but never seemed to be able to help, but he was working with less than a year of knowledge of this company.  He seemed genuinely interested in my well-being, and told me I could trust him.

The third, having made me immediately uncomfortable in his presence, and also was seemingly not trained for this company either, I avoided asking anything to, and physically avoiding being near him unless required.

I remember voicing my initial concerns with her about my training, and having been shrugged off.  She went back to her corporate HQ and left me on my own.  I emailed a few, with simple queries, and she didn't seem to like me at all after that point.  I gave up on her.  She became the butt of jokes with the store management, as they apparently didn't like her at all - but - I was upset because I DID, and they were telling me that I shouldn't because she's a real "bitch," etc. etc.

I didn't see her again after the first few visits back to check up on me until she came to "investigate" my complaints.  In the span of many months, culminating in January 2006 I wrote a few letters to my District Manager and Human Resources.

She came back for and investigation of my letters.  Her arrival was not pleasant.  She was no longer my "warm and friendly Human Resources" person.  She was cold, bitter and not at all the same person I met that warm summer day.  She acted as if she cared, for a moment, and asked me to "go to Dunkin' Donuts" with her, to you know, "Sit and chat over coffee."

What I didn't know is that she was interviewing me about my complaints.  She led me to believe this was just a gesture of goodwill.  She started drilling me in FRONT of my co-workers and managers directly in viewing/hearing distance of them.  I, was to Tell Her Everything, with all eyes peering out the door? 

This was not okay.  I told her that I was not comfortable discussing certain things with the customers of the mall hearing me, and my employees digging for dirt.  I was nearly in tears before she stopped.  I thought she came to protect me, when in fact, she came to annihilate me.  I was just dumbfounded at her audacity.  During the conversation, I tried, to say to her, "I thought you told me you were always there to protect me and my employees?  Isn't that what Human Resources does?"

She just sat - stared at me - stared at her blank sheet of notes - and looked back at me, with this look of contempt.  She doubted these things in which I told her.  She told me that they couldn't happen.  I don't lie.  I told her, that I am honest to a fault.  I can't make this poop up.  She was not amused, and probably wanted nothing more than to go home. 

I wondered during our conversation if she'd been paid on the retention of new employees that she'd hired initially. 

I wondered if she knew how other people talked about her behind her back, like they'd be doing about me in a few. short. minutes.

In those few minutes, I was the pariah.  Thanks for that. 

I wonder now, if she's still working for the same company.  It's been fifteen months, and they've had some internal shake-ups.  They shifted people around, ax'ed a few, their HR exec is gone, and took some losses, so I don't know if she's been lost/removed/moved elsewhere in the mess.

I just really wonder what came of her.  I had liked her. 

In the time that we spoke way back, she knew I wrote a "blog" and there's a slight possibility that she will read this.  She checked it out initially when I was training from her hotel room, when I wrote at Blogger.  I only knew because I saw the hit from the hotel she told me she was staying at.  Other involved parties have been reading right long, anyways, including the companies law office, so I wouldn't be surprised to have her here, it wouldn't bother me to know.

Anyways - the preface to all of this is that I am waiting to call my lawyer while he's actually in the office and it's on my mind.

She's five.

, originally uploaded by bethography.

We had a mini-party tonight.

Milestone for two today.

Five years ago today, I was in the hospital, hooked up to a pitocin pump, hoping that the labor would be quick and uneventful.  It was, and a few hours later, we had us a 8 lb. 9 oz. baby girl with brown hair and blue eyes.  I say that she was my husbands' birthday present, because, she was born on his birthday.  So, Bob, your present this year?  A brand spanking new five year old!  (How's that?)  As for him, it's a milestone birthday, too.  He just ran to do some errands (on his paid day off from work?!) and says "I need to go buy a sports car or something."  I told him, "Wait till you're 40, at least."  :-P 

When I am independently wealthy (quit laughing) I'll buy him a sporty little car.  A silver Mercedes or something.  It would have to be slightly understated, he's not the RED type, silver would be acceptable to drive to work and look important, you know?  So, there, Bob, when I can, I'll buy you a slick ride.  I know the mini-van just doesn't do it.  ( I Hate Minivans.)  We'd need two, though, and mine would have to be big enough to haul all six of us.  So, you could get me a pimped out SUV.  ;-) 

I guess this is the cheap way to say, Happy Birthday Bob, I Have Been Sick and I Have No Money, therefore I have no shiny wrapped gift for you. So have some Randy Travis! ;-)

And, Happy Big Girl Birthday Miss Five Year Old!

Baby blues.

I WANT IT NOOOOOW - J age 2 Summer 2004

Jo Jo