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Early Mudders Day.

Bad junior high memories, anyone?

There was a boy I used to know - who went to elementary school and Sunday School with me.  His name was Dan Smith.  (No, really, that's not changing it, that's his name.)  This evening, a conversation came up with my mother on the phone regarding random poop that happened to me when I was a kid, stemming from me telling her that my daughter is keeping her same teacher next year, and how that would be "good for her."  I was telling her about other things that occurred to me - when Dan Smith came into conversation.  She says, "That nice kid from church?"  Yeah.  That one. 

I remember back in the eighth grade, when we were just a few seats away from each other in homeroom, you know, alphabetically.  He tormented me.  I was never that obese, but I was always fat.  Chubby.  Never "the BIGGEST" girl in my grade, but definitely in the top 10%. 

Dan, would poke fun at me.  Have you ever watched Airplane?

Ted Striker: The poops going to hit the fan.
[In the office feces fly into a fan and fall down]

Leon: The fog is getting thicker.
Johnny: [hops onscreen] And Leon's getting LAAAAAAAAARGER!
[hops offscreen]

Well, I never did watch the movie.  After hearing LEON'S GETTING LARGER every day for a long time, do you think I wanted to?  Believe me - I tried to ignore it, tried to fight it, anything.  There's nothing you can do.

My mother says - "I never heard any of this?"  Well, duh.  I thought it was normal.  People get crap.  I got a lot of it, for years.  My husband, got lots of it, too, and he never told anyone.  Aren't people supposed to treat you like poop?

If I saw Dan Smith today?  I'd hope he was morbidly obese.  No, that's not fair.  I don't know.  He was one of the "nicer" jerks.  He could have been a lot nastier.

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