Classical Gas.
If I disappear, it's because someone put a hit on me from a message board.

Not. A. Happy. Camper.

I think, part of feeling like truck ran me over lately:   Is... maybe... perhaps?  Allergies?   In addition to the general feeling like ass, I had a nasty cold virus last week, which has now dwindled to a cough that I can't get out. (Side note: After GBP, you can't "cough" and hack up nasty crap, you basically have to live with it until it's gone.  YMMV, BUT, for me, and my husband, WE CANNOT COUGH TO SAVE OUR LIVES.)  Now I'm sneezing my freaking head off, the all day off and on nose tickle/drip.  This part, at least, could just simply be allergies! 

That's fine, but I still feel like dirt aside from sneezing and hacking.  (My eyes - serious black circles.)  I've not been eating all that great - probably also partly due to feeling crappy, which in turn doesn't make me feel any better, right? 

Today - I didn't even think about what I ate, and here it is:

2 ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers - Vanilla PB Flavor (Yummier!)  180 calories
BLT (1/4 slice of toast, 1 slice bacon, shred lettuce, one bite tomato - wasn't feelin' it)
So, moved on to my daughter's plate:
1 Chicken Strip + few french fries
A few sips Strawberry Smoothie
Small handful mixed nuts
3 small cookies
About 1/3 C Chex Mix
1/3 C Summer Squash + one bite potato
1/2 C Pasta Salad (made by me, "healthy" Flax Pasta, kidney beans, chick peas, celery, red peppers, olives, Smart Balance "Mayo.")

Now, I am in hell from the pasta salad.  It made me sick yesterday, too.  :thumbs up:  I'm blaming the pasta because my digestive system felt OKAY until about 1/2 hour after the salad.

Tomorrow I have another iron infusion scheduled - I'm wondering how my iron levels are, since I do feel so dirt-like as of late.  Also, I've been taking the 12 week long birth-control pills (everyfreakingdayat6:30am) so I've not bled to death in almost two months.  Maybe that has helped my iron levels, maybe not.  It will be interesting to see if they are at all different.

Today, Memorial Day - we walk in a local parade for scouts.  During the walk, I stopped to pick up the baby and dropped my camera.  It's broken.  I had insurance on it - but I don't know if it's still covered.  My first instinct is "no" because it's been a year and a half that I've had it.

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