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Old Navy Ditches Fat Girl Clothes.

Old Navy has put all the fat chick clothes on clearance, because they're discontinuing carrying it in the stores.  Run, do not walk, to Old Navy.  Now.  Who cares - it's cheap clothes!  You can still buy stuff online, for sizes 14-26W.

Eh.  Whatever.  I like Dag's take on it.

"Are we to assume that the Old Navy merchandising teams had a meeting and they all said, yo dooooodes, let's institute a NO FAT CHICKS policy at all our stores! Who cares how much profit we've been making off those cows, who wants to look at 'em? They're not friends with enough hot babes and we need more hot babes in the store. So let's axe the fat chicks clothes and go have lunch at HOOTER'S! YEAH!!!!

I love all the "research" and "proof" people are claiming to produce, as if they KNOW for sure that Old Navy did not do any research at all, did no number crunching. They just decided that they hated fat chicks more than they loved money so they decided that as part of a publicly-traded company, they'd knowingly get themselves in DEEP poop with their shareholders by eliminating a profitable clothing line. And never have to answer to those shareholders or the Board of Directors of the Gap who have either no clue what's going on at Old Navy or they just bought everybody the next round of pitchers at Hooter's.

And it's all for spite and about being MEAN.  Uh-huh."

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