Dumping it out.

A post from Obesity Help: "Confession."

"I am not even three weeks out and I have tried bites of beef, salmon, shaved turkey, crab legs--which made me throw up all night--and pork. I was trying to see what my body could tolerate after the surgery. Now keep in mind that I am educated and consider myself quite intelligent....although these actions do not demonstrate that. Eventually I got scared and called the nurse and confessed. She said I was non-compliant at this point and that it was quite possible that I had stretched my pouch. Quite naturally I began to cry...I felt like the biggest loser on the planet earth. I swore I was going to be the model patient and that WLS was going to work for me. I was down in the dumps...and had secret fears that this too would be a failure for me and that if this didn't work I would just kill myself. But then I realized that all i had to do was begin to weigh and measure my food, stick to the protocol and become compliant, which I have done. Someone told me "just because you can eat it doesn't mean you should eat it!" and that is sooooooooo true. I now feel quite optimistic, I have lost 21 pounds since june 8th and I am praying for the ability to remain compliant on a daily basis. My addiction with food is not over....I see that. I will have to work just as hard as I did when I lost massive amounts of weight in the past...that is surely evident. I hadn't even posted here because I felt ashamed of my behavior. But experience in 12 step food programs have taught me that I need to face my secrets, admit them, and correct my actions. That is the purpose of this post."

Um, okay.  At three weeks, breaking "the rules" all over the place. 

Hell, I Am A Rule-Breaker, and I didn't start until many months to one year post-operatively. She'll be with me, back at 300-sumpin' pounds, and we can eat ice cream together.   Wait, going back and reading this again, she's semi-suicidal, no?  Sorry, 'bout that.

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