Friday, June 29th, 2007
Good Supervision.

Tagged: Ten randoms unknown factlets about me.

I was tagged by a childhood friend on MySpace to do a ten-random facts 'bout me.  This would be easier if I weren't already sharing nearly everything.  This is difficult.  Trying to think of one is hard enough.

  1. I get claustrophobic if you're up in my personal space.  Even if you're my kid, that's me saying "don't hang on me."
  2. I got into college on academic probation.  I was told that I would have to maintain a certain GPA to stay in - because my high school grades were so randomly terrible.  I had A's + F's.  I was going to Johnson + Wales in Rhode Island for Advertising and Public Relations.  It never materialized, because, well, that costs money.  I went to a more local community college instead, in an adult evening course program, and quit very quickly because I couldn't make a balance sheet work in my accounting class.
  3. I have sensory issues - I cannot eat many foods because of the way they feel or smell.  This isn't related to weight loss surgery, it's always been this way.  Don't even think of coming near with with bananas, peanut butter, seafood, raisins, pudding, milk, eggs etc.. I will gag.
  4. I forgot to change my name when I got married.  I didn't realize it until the first time I had to fill out paperwork for a "real job" - and I needed a new copy of my Social Security Card.  It was then, I realized, Beth _________ never existed!  We purchased several houses with my name not being correct!  So, I just hyphenated in '05 when I found my little mistake.
  5. No one believes me when I say "I want it all cut off."  They never take enough off.  They don't think I am serious when I tell them, I want it cut like you would a boy, just messier.  Today, this girl nearly got it right!  So, when folks ask me about my hair-cut - and how to get it done the same - I have no clue what to tell them, because my hair is NEVER what I asked for it to be.
  6. The surgeon who did my first consult for a tummy tuck told me to wink-wink "rub poison ivy" on my belly when it came time to take the photos for insurance approval.  Little did I know I'd be pregnant soon after and it wouldn't happen.
  7. I bought a glucose-meter.  Bob stuck me three separate times before we figured out how to use the damn thing.  He checked his own level today while I was out - and he felt "sick" --- he was 37.  WTF?
  8. Driving home on the highway - it smells like DEAD ROTTING CORPSES.  Two days in a row I have smelled this odor.  I almost feel like pulling over and finding the bodies.  Sick.
  9. I yelled at the boy at McDonald's today.  I ordered an iced coffee.  He did not ask me what I wanted in it and handed me a obviously full of cream/sugar coffee.  I said, "What's in that?"  He said, "Cream and sugar, obviously."  I nearly lost it.
  10. I wonder, many times... why people are reading my babble here... and reading the comments, but do not say anything.  Some people comment repeatedly - but most just peek and leave.
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