Thank you!

Apparently it's rubbing off.

With my doctors visits and bills piling up, I think Bob felt a little left out, and wanted to create a few more bills of his own.  He went for a physical today - the first in (ssh, don't tell) YEARS.  Really, I think the last trip he took to the doctors office was at less than one year post-WLS.  It's not like I haven't been telling him he needed to go - but, boys are like that, 'specially the ones in my house.

So, he's going for a full fasting blood panel later this week.  His doc is making a referral for him to see a specialist regarding:

  • Abdominal hernia (it hurts him),
  • Low blood sugar episodes post eating (see hyper-hypoglycemia category, he was similar symptoms at times)

One visit, and he's getting referrals.  (How long did it take me to get referred anywhere?!  Yeah.  The Power Of The Penis!)

He got a RX for the skin fold rash, he's had it forever.  He also got the joy of digital colon fun, TMI?  Never.

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