Star Jones Finally Admits She Cut Her Guts Up.

Good morning.

I can't get my computer to connect to the wireless network. Rawr. I'm on the MAC, and I hate it. I only use this stupid thing for YouTube, which is next to impossible now with children home all the time. So, that's why there be no new videos.

Today - I have an ultrasound to make sure my uterus isn't going to implode again this month, to see if I don't need further testing. It should basically confirm that it was the mothertrucking Seasonique BCP that caused the super fun gushing for weeks on end.

After that, I'm bringing my oldest daughter got a consult to get a re-eval done before school starts. She had a full neurobehavioral panel done at pre-K age, because She. Scared. Me. Much of her "behavior" that made us cringe is no longer, as I believe much of it is totally maturity related. But, the underlying issues are still there. At that time, she was diagnosed with a "a mood disorder, possibly early-onset bipolar disorder." At that time, we tried a few sessions with child psychs but she was just not having it. It was more frustrating than it was worth at the time. She had a quick med trial that went badly - and then we just quit all of it altogether. I always said that we'd reevaulate the situation in a few years - as she matured, and now it's time. The original doctor suggested age 8 or 9, so we're late, but she's much more likely to at least consider listening/responding at this age. (At age four, she was even testing for hearing loss, due to her lack of paying any attention/listening to us or during a lot of the testing. This girl ain't got no hearin' problem, she picks up everything.) So, anyways - yeah, we're probably looking at another similar DX, combined with some serious lack of self confidence. She's got so much of ME in her that I already know that - and so much of her Dad and his sisters lack of self-worth/confidence that I know she needs more help than I can give her. From me, it looks like pushing. She needs other people to raise her up, too. I think even if she weren't overweight, she'd be this way, but the weight makes it a million times worse, because she's aware of it.

Tonight, the boy has his second day of football practice. This child is quite possibly overwhelmed. He has never made it past the first few practices of a sport, and football is much more intense. One of his coaches is a big, huge musclehead cop. You should have seen this child hit the ground for push-ups. It's slightly comical, because he's never done this kind of activity. It's REALLY good for him, he needs it, and he needs to hang with nasty, smelly, rotten boys sometimes. He's on a older team/more experienced because he outweighs the younger team, so he might be the youngest on this group, too, but he's one of the heavlest at 95 lbs.

What else? Oh, I removed the update about the pending issues. I have to decide what's next. I've been given the option to take it to Federal or Superior Court.

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