Tool left inside after WLS.
A loaded readah question.

An email, I must have missed?

This was sitting in my trash-folder, along with other stuff that I apparently didn't see - like my Target Statement!?

"Wow. It's hard to have come upon your stuff. I was hoping there was a magic pill out there, but there isn't, is there. The options still suck.

In 2000 I was part of FA, a very rigid group of 12 step food addicts who never seemed happy. Thin but never happy. You remind me of them. It is unnerving to read your posts and know that you don't have the option to quit like I did. You've done the surgery thing and you have to live with the the mixed bag it brought you. I couldn't stay with the FA group. Even though the program helped me lose 150 lbs and got me to "normal", I found them too harsh and their methods too intrusive. They also wouldn't accept my taking Prozac. I left them and took my 150 lbs back.
I recently asked a post WLS acquaintance about what happens to the food addiction in the head. She didn't exactly give me a straight answer. She shortly thereafter was hospitalized for a severe dumping episode which exacerbated her cardiac problems. How I wish someone would tell me that after the surgyer, they don't abuse food or obsess about it.  Being thin and happy is cool, being thin and angry sucks.  I am afraid that if I had the surgery I would just find another way to be self destructive. Which is scarier than the slow death that being super obese causes.

I still don't know what to do, but thanks for your honesty. I would like to hear from people who are 3, 4, 5 years out from WLS. And I'd like to hear that they believed they'd made the right choice to alter their bodies and lives through surgery, not from people still in the process of losing or the starry-eyed people counting the days until their surgery dates. But then what I want to hear and the truth might be two different things."

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