Obligatory. Because.
A law of blogging.

Help! Any pedi nurses/docs out there? Moms of allergic kids?

Yes, I will call the doctor.

But, for now - here are the symptoms.

Look at her skin.  It's red and rashy, blotchy (click on photo - to see her arms.)

With this, comes random explosive green-tinged bowel movements.  I've immediately blamed it on milk.  I had started giving her whole milk in place of the dairy-based infant formula (She's had Similac Advance, and the generic equal.  With no obvious ill effects since about 2 months old, where I attempted soy instead because of some nasty poops.)

I stopped giving her any whole milk, but she's still fussy, rashy and poopy.

If she can't have whole milk - what does she drink?  Soy milk?  Rice milk?  Goat?

Any experiences out there?  I have no problem keeping milk away - I just need an alternative until she's eating more actual food.  Figures.

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