My rolls too, down the hill.
Still sitting on the side of a hill.

Mah trailah pahk baby.

Mah trailah pahk baby., originally uploaded by Melting Mama.

I figured you'd like to look at the obese baby while reading an icky update post. So, there she is. She's all up in your grass, eatin' your clovahs.

Anyways, a couple of things: Bob got a call from a Perky! person today while I was home doing laundry - it's good news from the somewhat large financial institution. They'd like to intervi*w him again (again? again... again!) So, that's on probably for next week. (Again, I'm not that thrilled, because I'm a gold diggah, and I am really only concerned with quality of life + cash flow for our family, which must increase, regardless of employment.)

Next, my lawyer went ahead and sent out an appeal to the MCAD. I asked him to do it regardless of whether it changes their final decision, because I Did Want To Just Shut Up about it. The wording on the ruling to me - saying that "while sexual banter did occur" between employees and the manager - the opposing side made it out That I Asked For IT. That makes me want take a rusty dull hacksaw to random male testicles.

On a more pleasant note: I "tried" line dancing tonight. The campground had a dance teacher, and I "tried." My problem is that I make every dance step into a tap step - I can tap, I cannot line dance. It was fun trying - it woulda been a lot more funner-er with more time, instruction and music. (And, uh, beer.)

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