....hair dyed.

Because I have a bag on my head.

Why the hell not?  I am currently mid hair dyeing.  I am trying L'oreal True Brunettes Ultra Ash Brown.  It swears that I won't have a "hint of brassiness."  That's a bold statement.  My hair always turns orangey with at home hair coloring that is meant to lighten it at all.


Considering I dumped the whole squirt bottle on my lack of hair, it was dripping everywhere.  I tied a damn bag on my head.  It's working, and oh-so-stylish!  I'll let you know if it works - because what I seek - is light brown hair without the reds.  It's impossible.

Now, for the real topic hidden in the post?  The MCAD responded to my preliminary appeal hearing - and found lack of probable cause (again).  "This means that investigation and appeal evidence fails to establish sufficient evidence to determine that an unlawful act of discrimination has been committed."  Not a surprise at all, this was just a repeat of the initial finding.  It's very possible, also, that my paperwork that went up to the commission at the beginning of the month was thrown out - because it was SO late.  I got that paperwork to my lawyer in APRIL, and he didn't pass it to the commission until SEPTEMBER.  Figures.  That may have triggered a finding in my favor (that the company did indeed can me for whistle-blowing, which they did) without going to court, if it had been processed timely.  Now it's up to me, do I want to drag it to Superior Court and a jury?  I wanted to, straight away at the beginning, but filing with the MCAD + EEOC is required in such cases, and it was suggested to me that I see if they would "find cause" and let it be done.  Of course, sitting idle waiting for this for eighteen months has been hellish also - and I believe I deserve to go to court.

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