Plastic Surgery Complications - Update.
Plastic Surgery Complications - Update #2


It's funny - you can totally tell when I being "productive."  Beth no blog when making "productive."  Yesterday, the interview and the appeal hearing, today, "working."  I put that in quotes, because, frankly, making cawfee is not really working, I mean it is, but... drinking espresso and wiping counters is much like what I do at home - But! Without! Children!  It's a slight vacation, no?  It is, if you don't have four kids, don't tell me it isn't.

Anyways - what can we blog about? We had two floors replaced today - and BETH HAS NO TOILET at the moment.  That's right, kids, hold yer pee.  (Thank goodness we have a camper, so I wouldn't really be saying that.) Tomorrow, the tub/walls will be finished, and the potty can go back on the floor.  Phew.

Now, for the real subject of the post:

The *lawyers were reading all sorts of blog today.  (Nod and smile, ladies, we have company!)  Say hello!

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melting mama: Mah trailah pahk baby.
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I told you they'd be here today, didn't I?  Anyways - the update was right on the front page, couldn't hardly miss it. 

This is the kind of moment one wishes they started anonymous blogging from the start so they could just spew what they Really Want To Say, but can't. I've been up front about this entire issue from the beginning, and the only regret I have is not sharing every.single.detail from day one. 

I should have made a full on time line on the blog - publicly.  I didn't.  I was scared poop-less to do so.  I was here, writing less frequently, but I had about 75% less readership, and I was terrified to lose my job (which I did anyways, a lot of good that did) and of being threatened, because persons in question knew that I was a "blogger."

Another?  When "interviewed" about the issues by the companies' HR dept?  SAYING A ****ING WORD to that non-neutral party (coincidentally, the woman who hired me).  Anyone who might be thinking about whistle-blowing or going public about a sexual harassment problem (or the like) - don't talk to the company. Don't answer any questions. Don't let them ask you to "go somewhere to talk." 

Don't tell them a thing - until you consult your own attorney.

If I knew then what I know now - I'd have walked away from her coyly wrapped promises of protection and a cup of coffee.

No one wants to protect you.  They only want to cover their own asses.

Duck and cover when the poop hits the fan.

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