Plastic Surgery Complications - Update.

As for the first update - the interview was interesting, to say the least.  (I am going to leave it at that.  Really, I am.  If anything ever comes of it - you'll hear - eventually.)

Next, the appeal hearing. 

As I told the lawyer on the way out - "I do not want to be a lawyer when I grow up." 

No, thank you.   I like sleeping at night.

My ex-company had a nice shiny corporate lawyer who had a stack of papers bigger than my head regarding this situation.  She seemed nice, and had great shoes.  (That's me complimenting her, because, she's probably reading this  post.)

Considering what could have happened, and the way it did go - it went better than I, for one, expected it to.  Now, that said, a key document was not presented from my side until today - and I didn't know about it not getting in the proper hands.

The man officiating the hearing (like my legalese?  I truly don't know what he was called) was aghast that "we" (meaning my lawyer) didn't get this affidavit to him before now - because - as he said, this potentially changes everything.  They decided on my case missing this tidbit of info.  (And, I'm not a lawyer, and I had no idea that it wasn't shared!)  So, they're reviewing my case, it wasn't thrown out. That's a plus. They now re-evaluate the situation with any new information and rule again. 

Regardless of whether they find in favor or not in favor - I can still take this to Superior Court.  With. A. Jury.  That, is a scary notion.  Do you see me demonstrating "events" that happened - in a public courtroom? 

"Yes, Ms. MM, could you now show the jury how your manager dry-humps a wooden box with a screwdriver*?"

Me:  "Here, now?  With these props?"

(*Yeah, he did that, too.)

What really sucks about this entire case? It's that it isn't even about the sexual harassment, it's about the company, firing me because I told them about it.

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