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Remember how I mentioned that I interviewed for a big girl jay oh bee the other day - and also went for a second meeting?  Well, here's a piece of advice.  When you're discussing new potential opportunities, try not to mention bad ex-employers.  The question, posed to me?  "Have you ever been fired?"  The answer is yes.  The explanation is tricky - and as he said, "Kind of unbelievable."

Because, it is.

Unless you were there, you wouldn't think it was at all possible to have gone down the way it did.  He says to me that I don't have to explain any more than I'm willing to - but - from where he sits, it concerns him.  Duh.  It would concern me, if I were a biz owner/manager/etc. I see immediately, that he's worried that I'm some sort of corporation gold-digger, looking for a scam.  Or, likely to tattle again on someone in his company. *sigh*  What were my options, though?  When asked a question, I try to be honest?  Should I have lied about being fired?  I never once considered lying about it.  I explained as best I could, but he was just not having it.  He wanted to know how it was even remotely plausible that the ex-company didn't at least "apologize" for what happened.  I just shook my head.  I asked him if then he understood that was WHY I was pursuing this to begin with.  He said that if that were HIS company - heads would roll.  Sure, that's what I thought, too.

While he didn't give me the position, he offered taking me on probationary-like for a matter of a few months, and to see how things play out.  I don't know how I could make that work, because he's talking part time with no guarantees at the end of the temp slot.

I hate that I can't be "trusted" because of this whole stupid ****ing situation.  Thanks "Eh Seymour!"

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