Black Friday.
I is alive.

Bars, designed by you?

I made my own nutrition bars.  Seriously.
At this website.  Huh?  Well, at You Bar, you get to choose your healthy ingredients, and Build-A-Bar. 

I had way too much fun adding, removing, re-adding ingredients, and calculating calories.  I got a box-o-MeltingMamaMade bars. 

I don't want to tell you what combination of ingredients I picked, because I apparently have no bar-building skills, and my MM designed bars weren't good.  BUT, the company sent along samples of their more popular blends (Not MM-Made!) and they are delish!  My bars, not-so-delish.  I know what the problem was, I didn't use any sweeteners, natural or otherwise, and I used mostly nut butters as a base, and I do not like nut butters.  I'm an idiot, and my bars are icky. The remedy for this?  I can totally send these back and get another box on them - because I am a poor judge of ingredients.  They guarantee the bars. Although, my husband liked the bars I designed, and has eaten two of them, deeming them, "really good, but, filling."  I won't be sending them back, but I could.  I may try again though - making a few changes - because the bars came super-fast, fresh and how cool is make-your-own anything, right?!

So, go, play, try building your own YouBar! 

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