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Accidentally early Christmas Presents.

The other day I came home to a box on the front steps - which I opened - and apparently found my own Christmas present. 

I just went ahead and set it up and used it, seeing as the surprise was already gone.  Honestly, there really wasn't any surprise seeing as the kids told me that "Daddy ordered you a present and it's not a coffeemaker."  Really?  So, I have a new baby Keurig.  (The last one we got two years ago, I broke a while back.)  I'll review it, because, I love me some Keurig. 

That day, in the mail, we also got a notice that our former mortgage holder had been hand-slapped for screwing folks with "origination fees" and that we were to receive a check for $3,000 as retribution. I thought it was fake, and told Bob to be careful, "don't you dare give any personal information out regarding this!" Turns out, it's legit, and we will get a fat check at some point. That surely will help come winter when we're paying down credit cards and getting everything back down where it should be. Of course, tax season is also upon us, which really saves us every year - with all our little deductions running around - we (or more appropriately HE, seeing as I have only worked very sporadically until the past few months) always get a fat return to pay off bills. It feels good to get things more manageable. I keep hoping that I can find a big-girl job soon. The nugget is nearly "old enough" to go to toddler daycare - which is much less expensive and would allow me to work in a more "normal" situation. I applied for two jobs yesterday, one as a HR assistant at a local hospital, and one as a Administrative assistant for a non-profit special needs facility. Very unlikely that I'd hear from either, but - I'm shooting darts at this point.

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