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That time I offended everybody during Lent.

That time you heard much more about my ass that you needed to.

You know it's time to go grocery shopping in my house when I have finally thrown out the last of the food that I did not eat that I said I would.  Typically, it's yogurt.  I buy oodles of yogurt. "I should eat yogurt, it's really good for your digestion, you know.  Look!  It's on sale, let's get ten!  Ooh, how about this delightfully slimy flavor!"  I have never liked the stuff. 

I truly do not like artificially sweetened yogurt, but I can't stop myself, I have a yogurt purchasing compulsion issue.  Please help me.

In an effort to SBA (Save Beth's ass) I ate a yogurt just now.  The LAST yogurt, dated February 28th, 2008.  GULP, Immadienow. 

Again, I am telling you, "diet" yogurt is why diet starts with DIE. 

(You all saw a glimpse of The ass That Ate Boston online yesterday, and I had my chubby finger on the delete button, but I stopped.  I realized, you know - if that isn't motivation - what is?)

ETA:  I've come back to read this post, because the yogurt + half serving of Fiber One made me crash, so, screw yogurt.  Yogurt, fiber, diets, you all suck.

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