Chew + Spit: An Eating Disorder?
So, I finally did it.

This post brought to you by, Laziness.

From this week's PostSecret:
While I laughed when I read it, I also realized, but, I'm not that lazy. 

Most times, in my head I'm rearing to go, but either it's nearly impossible or I have no energy.  Sure, I have excuses!  Excuses are what we need!  I'm anemic, I'm hypoglycemic - both of which can make you a lump on a log.  But I never sit down, aside from if I am online, reading and posting.  If you catch me sitting on the couch or in bed laying down, you know I am sick or something is wrong. 

The kids will freak: "Mama, you're sick?  What's the matter?  Why are you sitting?"  But I am online a lot.  I spend both of the baby's naps online (she's sleeping now, and she's miserably not well) and when the kids are in bed and Bob does his homework, I go online.  In between, I do all the domestic poop that is required to keep a level of chaos to a minimum, but that's it.  I do not watch television, unless it's already on and I can watch and read at the same time.  I cannot just watch TV unless I am sick.  It's weird, I get way too distracted.  And I also ramble a lot.  Ramblings my favorite, what were we discussing?  Oh, being lazy.  No, I am not lazy.  I never was.  Even fatter I wasn't lazy.  I was slower but not lazy.  Now if I could only lasso my little bit of real energy into something productive - we would have, um, production!

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