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Bariatric Advantage Ready To Shake Meal Replacement

I am struggling with food demons.  We know this.  You can see my weight chart, it's public. 

This morning, I woke up craving, "Grilled cheese."  Get a grip, Beth.  I poked through my kitchen and found this: DSC_0277

I spun her around, check out these stats:

nutrition facts

Well, can't argue with 100 calories and 15 grams of protein can we?


You simply add cold water.


Shake it like you mean it.


Note the bubbles, if you're Beth, take a picture of them!


And, drink.  So.  I did.  Success.  I will admit, it took me a lot of shaking, but I totally enjoyed trying to take that picture, and what I ended up with was quite a bubbly, yet creamy, strawberry shake.  I am a vanilla and chocolate girl, I normally do not choose fruit-flavored protein powders, which is probably why this one was chilling in the cabinet.  I am pleasantly surprised by this shake, I expected that I would not like it, because you couldn't get me to touch something like "strawberry milk," with a ten-foot pole, and that is what this reminded me of in the first sniff: Quik, Strawberry Quik.  I sipped, and enjoyed.  The taste?  Creamy strawberry, distantly reminiscent of ice cream.

Here's the best thing about this product, because it's probably the most important:  It is something that can be sipped immediately after weight loss surgery, after the clear liquid stage.  It's a very small portion, and I would think you could get most of it down over time.  (This is a product I wish I knew about back when I had surgery and tried to subside on cream of chicken soup with protein powder added.  Don't I wish I had a record of those days?  I don't know what happened to my archives from that old journal.)

  • Product:  Bariatric Advantage Ready To Shake Meal Replacement in Strawberry
  • Purchased:  Bariatric Advantage <- You can buy it directly from them, tell them "Melting Mama," sent you.  I don't have any coupons or deals, but I will look for you.
  • Pros:  Super portable, will sustain you in a crisis, if'n you're carrying water!, 15 grams of protein, 100 calories
  • Cons:  Long-term post ops will want more, wonders if they sell the powder in bigger portions?
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