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(I have been trying to write this review since 7am, and I've been interrupted a bazillion times.  I'm going to be really quick about it - because - I know the moment I get detailed, someone is going to wake from her nap, and someone else will knock on the door and the phone will ring again.  It did!)

Simple.  I like this protein shake.  It combines some of my basic food groups.  Coffee + protein, and it's low enough in carbohydrates that I can drink the entire thing and not drop dead a while later, though I am waiting on that, and I will post an update if I do - indeed die.  Wait, I suppose I wouldn't be able to?  Ah, the hell with it.

The Mocha Joe in the ready-to-drink package is very smooth and sweet, and I like that in a man shake.  I took some protein porn photos and then I sipped half, straight up.  It's easy to drink, it's very simply a milky sort of shake, reminiscent of coffee milk.  While drinking it, I recalled the last time I had this variety of Muscle Milk, I used it as "creamer" in my coffee.  So, over to the coffee maker, and I pulled a long shot of espresso into a cup and filled it with the rest of the Muscle Milk Mocha Joe.  Stirred, it held up, no chunks!  Sipped, it tasted better - actually - I preferred it with the extra coffee.  This is probably why I was using it in place of light cream before, because you also don't need any sweetener in your coffee with this protein.

I would consider the powdered variety, since I am a fan of this flavor, maybe for this spring/summer's deluge of iced coffee drinks. But, I'm having trouble deciding.

  • Product:  CytoSport Muscle Milk Mocha Joe RTD 17 oz.
  • Purchased:  Local Health Food Store, Price Unknown.
  • Pros:  Basic Food Groups?  Check!   Liquid lunch.  No lactose.  Lower carb.  Not dying.
  • Cons:  Contains sugar, soy and caffeine, some folks are picky 'bout that.
  • Rating:  Pouchworthy.

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