Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz
my new shoez

When the anesthesiologist was checking to see how the calming medications were working on my mother in law, he asked her, "So, what are you having done today?"  She replied, "When I come out of there, I'mma have a flat stomach and some big boobs."  The anesthesiologist smirks and says, "Is that what you worked out with the doctor?"  MIL says, "I Worked It Out With Him Alright!"  *wink wink, nudge nudge*

She's home, and wants food.  She's "starving, come over and cook for me."

Bob went over this morning, and he came home and showed me jazz-hand motions of her boobs.  "They're like, ROUND, and BOOM."

All in all this time, she got boobs, upper belly, thighs and a fix of the face lift.  I should HOPE she's done.

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