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I have been eating "well" with a few forays into indiscretions (That means donuts, but we can play the blame game, because Beth doesn't bring them home to herself, does she?  But, does she HAVE to just nibble at them, just because they're in a bag calling her name?) and I am sitting at 166 pounds. 

I had hoped that I would drop lower, but, whatever, I will take it.  My pants fit better, some fell off.

I have exercised more in the last few weeks than I have in the last six months - and I can feel my legs growing some muscles which I desperately need.  To be honest, this number on the scale would be just lovely if I were somewhat taut around the excess skin.  I totally could be, I haven't ever really tried.  And by "exercise," I mean, walking - pretty fast - mostly fast enough that I couldn't hold a conversation while pushing a stroller - for a half hour to and hour and a half at least five days a week.  (I  just Google mapped that walk, it's about 4 miles - and one hour without stopping, 90 minutes when I have interruptions.)

Yesterday, one of my neighbors called over to me, she asked me to come knock on her door, next time I go, because she's seen me walking and wants to be motivated to do it.  Who knew?  Me as motivation?  :x  Hehehe.  She's got terror in a stroller too - so perhaps I'll drag her around a couple days a week while her older kid is in preschool.  I'm not so sure she's going to be that excited about my 90 minute lap then again neither am I.  I don't recall if I ever told her about "The WLS" but she's a post op too, so commiseration will probably commence within the first five minutes of a walk, unless she's had a butterfly journey.

Anyway, crossing of the fingers and toes would please ensue?  The spouse has a meeting with his boss today, and they're talking future.  I would love for something/anything to happen and be solidified before I start trying to find work again - and - school/classes/courses, especially because of the reality that he may be less available if he moves on in job titles.  (Which also means - I need to buy wheels, SOON - so that I am not left scrambling to do so if he's shuffled off to commute and we have no car - and no Dad.)

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