Power Crunch Bars for $4.50 a box

Ain't worth the gas.

Girls always enjoy a little pampering.

Last night we took a quick ride to the beach, my thought was, going really late would save us the parking cost!  No deal.  Pulling in, the woman in a bikini informs us that,

"It's ten dollars to park, regardless of what time you get here, and you can come in but you are risking a ticket."



I see her turn around, and realize she is radio'ed *directly to the police* and WOULD immediately have us ticketed if we parked even for five minutes.  So, I say to her (because it was the truth, we were just at the garden shop, and left because their credit machine was down, and I couldn't buy my damn herbs that I wanted, and they didn't have an ATM nearby...)

"We have no cash, I thought you didn't have to pay after 5 or 6pm, and we aren't swimming, we were going to comb for rocks and take some pictures, (I gesture at the kids in the back seat), and it's after 6pm, you mean to tell me I have to pay ten bucks to park my car in an empty lot for one hour to walk the beach and leave?"

"Feel free to drive in, but you will get a ticket." (I know she probably hears this shit all day long.)

Biznitch, meant in the nicest way.  I am sure she had been in the sun for hours and was fried.

So, Bob pulled in and we pulled out.  We went down further to an area that has a "two hour" free on street parking where you have to walk to the beach and drag all your crap, but since we weren't going to swim it was no big deal. 

Okay, maybe one of us got a little wet.

I mean, I am sure we created ten dollars worth of damage to Massachusetts' coastline in 45 minutes yesterday.

I did this, I'm very sorry.

GRAFFITI!  Arrest me now.


In fact, in forty-five minutes, we found ONE SHELL, and TOOK IT HOME.

we found one, shell.

Maybe we even pooped on the beach?

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