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July 2008 posts

My first alarm!

It scared the shit out of me.  After fussing with the meter, and trying to get it set up, it seems to be working right.

I sat down, just a few minutes ago, and the damn thing starts beeping at me.  "FALL RATE!!!"   Repeatedly.  Oh.  I'm crashing again. 

This is going to take some getting used to.  Not the crashing, the responding.  I'm used to the crashing.

Now it's screaming at me, "LOW PREDICTED!!!

(I was eating already, but, it's still telling me I am going down.)

It's done.

I was thinking it would hurt.  It didn't.

I  am wired for glucose under-load.  Let's eat. 

If this makes no sense to you because you are a new to my site, go back and read a bit.  I won't be obsessive over this machine - but - I know we will be hearing alarms before long.  I just wonder how sensitive I am.

As of 6:30 pm,  I've already crashed once, and the gadget didn't catch it.  Or, maybe it did, but my sugar was low, and I could not understand the device...

I only knew it because I finger-tested and confirmed the change in sugar from 189 mg. to 70 mg.  I could not figure out how or why it did not tell me that I dropped nearly 120 mg. because my brain was shutting off and I gave up.

Learning how.

Now, the reason I have a big needle in my hand?  You have to jab this thing in your gut every three days.  It does not hurt.


, originally uploaded by bethography - melting mama.


I'm full. FullBar.


"It's called "satiety."  Not exactly a word that rolls off your tongue (pronounced "sa-TIE-atee").  It's a diet and nutrition buzzword for the state of feeling full, one word in a new vocabulary that includes terms like "energy density," "sensory-specific satiety," and "volumetrics."  If you've ever wondered why you fill up on a bowl of oatmeal but can eat three doughnuts before feeling satisfied, the reason is the comparative satiety levels of these foods."


The FullBar was designed by a Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Michael Snyder, to fill this need.

It comes in the following flavors:

  • Cranberry Almond
  • Cocoa Chip
  • Caramel Apple Crisp
  • Peanut Butter Crunch


Go-go gadget MM.

What do you do in the hospital?

Good news, seeing as Beth spent a week in the hospital having her head examined for seizures in January of 2008, we hit our deductible$, and this shiny new gadget sent OVERNIGHT after getting very angry on the phone (my appointment is tomorrow) was paid in full, and the pricker + tubing (totally the medical language I know) of which is going to be shoved in my abdomen tomorrow.  It's unfortunate that it took me more than a year to get to THIS point - but it's a START. 

What's next?  I wear this.  I look mighty hot while doing so.  I prove that eating carbs makes you DIE (DRAMA!) if you have a RNY. 

I probably have some testing done to rule out the fact that I also have a seizure disorder - concurrent to this glucose problem - that happens at EXACTLY THE SAME FREAKING TIME - but is not related.  (I know, WHAT?) 

OR, I find out somehow that it is related and I don't feel like a complete asshole for dropping into partial seizures for the last two to three years of my life and thinking it was all simply hypoglycemia, because I HAVE.



MM Road Trip! Join me at Obesity Help Events!

('Cept, I don't drive, so I am totally taking planes, trains and automobiles, and probably a couple taxis.)

A funny thing happened:   I'm totally going on a couple of field trips for Obesity Help.  You wanna come?  I am terrified of planes, so please, come?  Or, send me a Xanax?  *gulp*

First stop, Philly

October 4, 2008 

Main stage speaking presentation from 9:55-10:40am (CRIPES! And, I'll be hanging at a table too.)

  • Promo code for $20.00 off tix:  MeltingEgg08

Next stop? LOS ANGELES!  The 10 Year OH Anniversary Event!

October 31 - November 2, 2008

Main stage speaking presentation on Sunday, November 2nd from 2:25-3:10pm

  • Promo code for $20.00 off LA tix:  PoachedEgg08

PS.  If you're wondering about the silly codes?  It's because?  I'm going to be there with EGGFACE from The World According To Eggface fame. :D  She's agreed that I don't smell bad and that I can totally stand near to her and play with product and show it to you good people. 

Naturally More Peanut Butter, and a giveaway!

I know how you people are about peanut butter.  Here's another one for you.  I just got a sample of this at my door, and I am going to review it for you later today, but in the meantime, you want some?


"Naturally More is all-natural, contains no cholesterol, and has no trans fats. Naturally More's unique formula has a peanut butter base fortified with flax seed, flax oil and other nutrients to provide all the protein and essential fats needed to keep the body naturally balanced. While normal peanut butter is almost exclusively monounsaturated fat, Naturally More contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It’s What Peanut Butter Should Be!"


Want a jar?

Comment on this post.

Review to come, after I get my celery chopped up and dig into my jar.  The Naturally more peeps sent me two.  I will share, because I am nice like that.

Monday Eats.

Weight -155 lbs.

  • Unsweetened soy cappuccino
  • Vegetable tofu soup
  • Soy Rocks Bar, Chocolate Caramel Flavor THUMBS UP!
  • 1/4 of a review food (not telling yet, because it's a post to come)
  • Shaved steak on the grill, potato salad (waiting for death, low blood sugar style.)
  • Unsweetened soy cappuccino

Medtronic Whine.

Okay.  So.  My CGMS visit is Thursday at The Joslin Clinic.  I have YET TO RECEIVE the CGMS.  I have called Medtronic three or four times now, and emailed, with no response.  The gadget was to arrive nearly two weeks ago by UPS.

I am really getting a complex.  And, can you believe how long this entire process has taken me?

In the are you fucking kidding me file:  I finally got through - she says that again - I need a letter of MEDICAL NECESSITY (Did we not already go over this, again, and again?!) from the doctor, and "Um, you don't have one."


Weight - 154 lbs.

Out most of the day today.  Saw a movie, first time since I saw what, Juno?  LOL.  We saw Stepbrothers.  OMG.  LOVED IT.

  • Click Protein.
  • American Joe's - A few bites of filet mignon, a few bites of shared roast beef french dip (yum)
  • At the movies - 3 mozzarella/ricotta cheese sticks, some popcorn, 1 Michelob Ultra Beer
  • 1 meatball, 1 ravioli, 1 mozzarella stick, with sauce


Weight - 154 lbs.

Food ItemServingsCalsFatCholestSodiumCarbsSugarsFiberProtein 
               Pork Baby Back Ribs                         1.5035127g120mg495mg0g0g0g27gx
             Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk                         1.00804g0mg85mg4g1g1g7gx
               Vegetable Potstickers                         0.751503g0mg398mg28g2g2g5gx
             365 Organic Peanut Sauce                         1.00202g0mg200mg2g0g0g0gx
             Dole American Salad Blend                         1.00150g0mg10mg3g2g1g1gx
             Trader Joe's Stir Fried Vegetable Eggrolls                         1.001104g0mg370mg16g2g2g5gx
             GNC Omega-3 Soft Chews, Citrus Flavor                         2.00502g10mg20mg8g6g0g0gx
             Click Espresso Protein Drink                         1.001202g5mg115mg12g7g1g15gx
FitnessMinutesCalories BurnedDistanceHeart Rate
                Add your physical activity/exercise for July 26th, 2008!             
Click totals for charts!Totals: 89643g135mg1,693mg73g20g7g60g 
% of your daily value79.28%65.58%45%70.52%24.25%n/an/a120.5% 



Weight - 155 lbs.

  • Unsweetened decaf soy milk cappuccino + 1/2 serving Click Protein whisked in
  • 2 light string cheeses (120 calories)
  • 1 spring roll, some broth, two bites curry noodle stuff
  • 1 Chocolite Protein Bar (95)
  • 2 spring rolls
  • Outback - 1 sangria, 2 baby back ribs (requested light on the BBQ, because I was sipping a Sangria, makes total sense, yes?), two bites baked potato, 1 hunka bread with a ton of butter, and one low blood glucose to go.




    Food ItemServingsCalsFatCholestSodiumCarbsSugarsFiberProtein 
                 Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk                         2.001608g0mg170mg8g2g2g14gx
                 Health Smart Foods Chocolite Protein Bar                         1.00954g0mg130mg17g0g10g9gx
                   Spring Roll Fried Vietnamese                         3.002466g45mg129mg29g0g5g19gx
                 Outback Steakhouse Bushman Bread                         0.25781g2mg79mg16g5g1g0gx
                   Pork Baby Back Ribs                         1.0023418g80mg330mg0g0g0g18gx
                   Sangria                         1.001550g0mg27mg21g0g0g0gx
                   Splenda Macaroon                         1.00907g0mg0mg3g3g1g2gx
                 Click Espresso Protein Drink                         1.001202g5mg115mg12g7g1g15gx
                 Trader Joe's Fiberful Fruit Leather (apricot)                         1.00600g0mg5mg14g8g6g1gx
    FitnessMinutesCalories BurnedDistanceHeart Rate
                    Add your physical activity/exercise for July 25th, 2008!             
    Click totals for charts!Totals: 1,23845g132mg985mg120g25g27g78g 
    % of your daily value108.72%68.74%43.96%41.02%39.86%n/an/a156.58% 

Soy, Rocks!

Soy Rocks plus Flax Bar


The easiest way to get your daily essential omega 3's! Just eat these delicious omega-rich soy rocks and flax bars. Each bar has 1500mg live omegas, high fiber, 10g of whole soy protein, wheat free. No Sugar Alcohols or Polydextrose. Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Low Fat/Fat Free, Heart Healthy, Low Sodium.

Available at Netrition, link below, search for "SOY ROCKS."  :)

Thursday + Medtronic.

Remember the Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor that was supposed to arrive here by last Friday? Of course it is now almost a week later and it never came. 

I made a bet with Bob that something happened with the insurance that it won't get here before I am supposed to get to my class on July 31st to learn how to use the damn thing.  I called Medtronic and left a voicemail with the representative that was working with me.  I am really glad that wasn't able to get an appointment with the nurse until that later date now!  Because, I would hate to cancel.
Weight - 156 lbs.

Burp.  No exercise in days.  The scale is going to love this.

Food ItemServingsCalsFatCholestSodiumCarbsSugarsFiberProtein
Chicken Breast2.002602g136mg154mg0g0g0g54g
Country Kitchen Light Wheat Bread2.001401g0mg380mg34g2g8g8g
Market Pantry Green Olives2.00505g0mg0mg0g0g0g0g
Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk3.0024012g0mg255mg12g3g3g21g
City Barbeque Beef Brisket0.5025511g108mg300mg1g1g0g36g
Syntrax Matrix 5.0 Simply Vanilla1.001102g40mg80mg2g2g0g23g
Bell Plantation PB21.00543g0mg94mg4g1g0g4g
Dole American Salad1.00150g0mg0mg0g0g0g0g
Walden Farms Calorie Free Ranch Dressing1.0000g0mg230mg0g0g0g0g
Quaker Chocolate Crunch Rice Cakes1.00601g0mg35mg12g4g0g1g
Dixie Diner Soy Rocks Plus Flax - Crunchy Apple1.00903g0mg3mg15g3g12g10g
Health Smart Foods Chocolite Protein Bar1.00953g0mg130mg17g0g10g9g
Totals: 1,46953g289mg1,741mg96g16g33g166g

Two more RNY'ers with seizures. Just today.

A woman emailed me just now.  I am telling you - THIS IS NOT NORMAL

We are adding up.

"I am 40 years old, had gastric bypass 6 years ago.  Have had two blood transfusions, 2 iron infusions,  take b-12 injections monthly, prescribed vitamin D weekly, I have mal-absorption and in April started having seizures, have no idea why?  No family history. No car accident.  No head trauma.  I have history of migraines since I was 5.  I have two neurologists who disagree with the diagnoses' one is calling it complex partial seizures, the other complicated migraines. Just recently have these "episodes" , for lack of a better name, left me unable to move for 2 minutes.  I am fully awake.  Taking topomax. No driving.  UGHHHHHH.
I read some about your seizures on your site... but couldn't really determine is yours because of the sugar issues?  Do you think yours is somehow related to your surgery?  I have so many doctors involved in my care because of issues from my bypass.  I am going nuts trying to be the advocate in my care."

Plus, another in the comments of this post.  What are we doing wrong? All of us.