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Vince Gill is not Eminem.

I'm not a music reviewer, so I don't really have much to say regarding concerts.  (I can, however tell you about protein bars and things like that.)  I just like music.  I am not very picky about genres.  And to tell you something very honestly?  I used to not even 'like' country music, (I know, right?)  Now, it's up there in my faves, right next to HARD CORE GANGSTA RAP.  /sarcasm

Although, I have to admit to you (and this is so not at all related, but I have had too much coffee) on the way to the concert last night, an old school Eminem song came on in the car.  Here I am, swapping from CAT-COUNTRY, 98.1, the big country station up here in Boston, to a Pop station, because on the Cape, nothing. comes. in, and I hear Emimem.  I KNEW EVERY FREAKING WORD OF THIS SONG

(Singing it right now.  Are you?)


Here's the thing - I do not like big crowds - unless everyone is having fun, but not the really pukey drunk kind of fun, I like the middle of the road type of fun.  I don't think I could handle an all-day Country-Fest, even if I thought I wanted to go.  I would probably die.  But, I could, take a couple hours of it, and two beers.  That's it.

Last night, even if I wanted to get up and BOOGIE to What The Cowgirls Do, I would have been slapped.  We were surrounded by half of the The Northeast's Nursing Home, and I Am Not Kidding About That, and I am trying hard not to joke.  I love me some white hairs, and I am fully aware of the fact that I am well on my own way to dementia, but... when did we get so, old?


I love Vince Gill.  I could listen to him tell stories, sing, and tell me how to cook mac and cheese.  It's all good.  And, even though I got in trouble (everybody did, including a woman near me that swore that she "WASN'T TAKING ANY PICTURES WITH A FLASH!!! while she held up a hugantic Nikon) for taking photos of him that I just posted to the interwebs, it was a fun take.  (And, he was in pain, the man is having surgery this week for a bum knee, he was struggling.)

PS.  The video will be up in a minute, it keeps timing out on YouTube.  Three times now.  Now, I am singing Eminem MASHED UP with VINCE GILL!  WOW.

Here is my photo video:

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