Starting something new, but not so much.


Last night we went to a pre-labor (that sounds funny, like we should be actively pushing now) day cookout and for once, I did not have my camera.  I could have used it.  We saw a most gorgeous specimen of Motivational Housing if I needed one.  Sure, the house we went to was most lovely, and she's installing all of her own mouldings and tiles and she's like Mrs. Bob Vila, and I told her that, so tell me again WHY DO YOU WORK IN SUCH A NORMAL JOB?  (Hi.)

The house next to hers is on the market.  Even if it's never even a remote possibility, nor do I really want to live in that direction, I always have the sick real estate bug.  Yes, I went to Real Estate School, because, I wanted to learn how.  This house, is literally more than three times the size of my current home.  I could turn cartwheels in the bathroom(s), I could build a studio/office/playroom/dance hall in the third floor, garage OR basement.  We have NONE OF THOSE things in this house.  No useable attic, no useable basement or garage, in fact, we don't even have a living room, well, we do, we just don't have space to have one set up right now it's currently used as our dining area/office.  Our living room TV is in my bedroom, yeah, that has worked out well, because now nobody really watches TV anymore, having a 42 inch plasma in a 12 foot room is nice, but, WTF, no TV.   

We don't have a couch, or anyplace for you to sit if you come over, there's just no room.  My house is like that scene from Alice in Wonderland, "NO ROOM, NO ROOM!"

Luckily, I am not a packrat, and I throw EVERYTHING AWAY, so it's always clean.  (Please don't read this if I ever am trying to sell you my house.  If we put it back on the market, it would be be the third? time.  I know we bought it because it looked big enough because only one woman lived here when we viewed it.  It's funny how that works.)

We got to go in to the newly built house,  and my kids picked out their respective rooms.  "I'll take this one, and you can have this one, and O M G, it's got HOW MANY BATHROOMS?!"

I guess to make this more positive, it made me think about what I could DO with a place like that.  Okay, maybe not me directly, because I am NOT Mrs. Bob Vila, nor is the Mr. but we could really, really, really use some square feet, man. 

I don't even care about the fucking upgrades.  I do not need fancy.  I can add fancy later if money falls off of a tree out back.  We've spent $50,000+ on this house, and they ain't no fancy round heah. 

I just want to be able to LAY ON THE FLOOR LIKE A STARFISH IF I WANT TO.   I can't do that in any of my rooms.  I am not being sarcastic.

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