Watch out.


Red Balloon.

Today was a 50th birthday party.  Lots of cake and food, threatened to send one kid to boot camp, okay, it was two, but, they were bickering over goggles that didn't even belong to them.  These things - parties - the food - overwhelming!  I realize that I have a teeny tiny capacity and I just do not "enjoy" the gorging that I might if I still could, but even now, the excess at parties and events and overflow of food and drink makes me think of all the waste - and someone else's hard earned money going to waste - and I don't know why it bugs me but it does. 

Um.  What else?  I am waiting on the neurologist's okay via email to end the Keppra medication, because I already did.  I ran out of pills and emailed him to renew the RX and asked if it was just as well to end it because it made me a fucking zombie.  And, before you freak out and tell me that Is Not Okay And That I Am Going To Die Now?  I know he is going to tell me to quit the meds, and I have to re-order them via Medco mail-order - which would take a day or three under emergency shipment anyway.  I am still on Topamax, anyway.

So, if you see me wogging a 5K tomorrow about 11am?  You know it worked for me.  I HAVE NOT WALKED IN SIX WEEKS.  Well, there was that one day.

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